Pristine Lakes. Loved the truly desolate experience

We did the Rockbound Pass Loops over the Labor Day weekend. It is exactly as described by Kira's review. It was truly a desolate experience on a super hot weekend, especially out in the open rockbound areas. Pay very close attention to this part of the trail, "Shortly after Horseshoe Lake, the trail disappears onto a large granite slab marked with cairns. At the bottom of this slab is a drainage area, where the trail cuts back south instead of continuing on north east. Pay attention to the map and topographic features here, because although cairns exist, they are small and seldom!" This was where we got lost for nearly 2 hours trying to locate the cairns. 4-Q's Lakes was heavenly, unlike anywhere else out there. Imagine being surrounded by water all around you. It's definitely one of the highlights of the trail. I definitely want to come back and explore other areas of Desolation Wilderness.