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Antarctica, South Georgia And The Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

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A journey like no other through the polar wonders at the end of the world. Departing on January 4, 2020.


Arrive in Ushuaia

Enjoy a boat trip on the Beagle Channel and disembark in Tierra del Fuego National Park

Attend lectures

Find colonies of gentoo, rockhopper, and Magellanic penguins

Step ashore in Stanley

Lecturers recap your experiences and prepare you for your visit to South Georgia.

Flexibility in this area is a must. Our leaders will take advantage of every opportunity for exploration, if the weather is in our favor.

Naturalists recap your memorable visit to South Georgia.

Today arrive at Elephant Island, made famous by the Shackleton expedition.

Cruise the waters of the Antarctic Peninsula and its adjacent islands.

Watch for wandering and black-browed albatross, sooty shearwaters, and white-chinned petrels.

Disembark in Ushuaia and transfer to the airport for your flight to Buenos Aires.

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Follow in the footsteps of bygone explorers – during the long days of austral summer. Discover the wonders located at the end of the world. Awe at spectacular landscapes, step ashore on beaches packed with penguins, cruise among sparkling icebergs, watch pods of humpback whales feeding and come face to face with curious seals. Spend a day walking through the dramatic scenery of Tierra del Fuego National Park, meet the chinstrap penguins of Elephant Island, explore the islands and bays of South Georgia, enjoy a day on the beach mingling with the penguins that call the Falkland Islands home and experience all that the Antarctic peninsula has to offer on zodiac excursions. Led by your knowledgeable guides and whale biologist, Dan Olsen, your adventure promises to be educational and once-in-a-lifetime. As seen on BBC, Dan has a wealth of knowledge on the whales you’ll encounter throughout your journey as well as the colonies of penguins and myriad of seabirds that live on the frozen continent. Joining Dan is a team of renowned historians, ornithologists, geologists, marine biologists and more. Specially chosen for your adventure, they’ll bring a comprehensive educational component to your adventure through lectures, guided excursions, and daily recaps.


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20 Days


Falkland Islands

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