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The Best Water Bottles, Travel Mugs, and Tumblers

We never leave home without 'em.

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We like to work hard and play hard here at The Outbound and we're always on the move. That means it's crucial for us to stay hydrated and caffeinated throughout the day. Whether we're on the trail, in the office, or sitting around the campfire, we think these are the best water bottles, travel mugs, and tumblers. 

Hydro Flask 32oz Wide Mouth Bottle

"Albeit a bigger bottle, my Hydro Flask keeps the water cold, doesn't leak in my backpack when I'm on the go, and most importantly holds enough water so I don't feel like I'm making too many return trips to the faucet." - Tyler Drake, see full review here.

Mizu 27oz M8 Single Wall Water Bottle

"So this isn't your super insulated, keep water cold for 10 days bottle, but it's strong, durable, handy and takes a lickin'. I have one in the car and one in my bag everywhere I go. Love it." - Grant Nyquist 

Stanley 44oz Master Vacuum Bottle

"If you're looking to have a enough warm coffee to make it through a long day and have a few friends or significant other who like to "borrow" a cup, this bottle has you covered. The coffee stays warm all day so I can have my morning cup in front of my laptop and a much needed afternoon pick me up that's still warm and fresh like the morning's cup." - Tyler Drake

Igloo 20oz Legacy Tumbler

"I made good use of my Legacy filling it up with Sufferfest beers during our Pursuit events this summer. Ditch the red solo cups at your next camping trip and stock up on a few of these bad boys. Not only will your beers stay colder longer, but the lid will ensure you don't spill a drop on any trips from the campfire to refill." - Liam McNally

Miir 16oz Wide Mouth Vacuum Insulated

"I love products that do double duty, and the wide-mouth from Miir is awesome for beverages *and* soups, insulated both hot and cold equally well. There's no condensation, the wide-mouth is perfect, and the handle makes for easy-attachment to bags, gear, and the lock-down straps inside my Westfalia." - Josiah Roe

Purist 18oz Mover Bottle

"Being able to move from coffee or tea to water to beer to bourbon and back again with no aftertaste lingering in the bottle is what makes this bottle my favorite! And bonus points on a beautifully designed bottle that I can carry with me everywhere." - Kristi Teplitz, see the full review here.

Stanley 16oz Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug

"For the longest time I have searched for a coffee mug that won't spill when on the go, that keeps my coffee warm, and can be drank out of easily. This mug does all of these things extremely well. It keeps my drinks warm all day, doesn't spill when in my backpack, and is easily drank while on the go. This bottle is even easy to clean and fits in all my cupholders. This mug is perfect." - Allison Foster

Nalgene 32oz Wide Mouth Bottle

"While not the sexiest water bottle on the market, I'm hard-pressed to find one that is more functional for hiking and backpacking trips. In almost any situation where I'm prioritizing weight over keeping my water cold/hot, I'm throwing this bottle in my bag. It doesn't ever leak, is significantly lighter than an insulated bottle, and holds enough water for most outings." - Brian Heifferon

Lifestraw 22oz GO Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Filtration

"I've been using my Lifestraw GO bottle for the past couple of years and use it for everything from long day hikes to road trips and airports. Using the GO on long day hikes, I can refill my bottle in streams/ponds/lakes along the way, so I don't have to carry the entire water supply for the whole day. It's also great for road tripping and airports because you never know the water quality and the built-in 2-Stage filtration provides clean water from any source." - Chris Engelsman

Hydro Flask 16oz Insulated Mug

"After years of searching, I finally found the perfect travel coffee mug. Others have gotten close, but for me, this one from Hydro Flask nailed it. It's the perfect size, never leaks, and keeps my coffee warm for hours. Bonus points for the forest green color, my favorite." - Liam McNally

Stanley 25oz Classic Vacuum Bottle

"This is the absolute perfect all-day companion during cool fall and winter months. Pack it for a picnic. Take it to work. Leave it in the car during a hike or a surf. Every time you'll be rewarded with still steaming hot coffee. There's a reason this is a classic - it's reliable, takes a beating, and does its job extremely well." - Brian Heifferon

Mizu 21oz Insulated Tumbler

"I don't drink coffee, but I do drink tea and this is my go-to. It holds enough to keep me hydrated without being too bulky and the lid keeps the liquid where it should be (and not in my lap). No frills but it does the job and that's five stars for me." - Grant Nyquist

Igloo 36oz Logan Insulated Stainless Steel Jug

"While more of a jug and less of a water bottle, this 36 oz beast is my favorite water bottle. It has an easy carrying handle and keeps my drinks warm or cold all day. Because it holds such a great volume I stay hydrated throughout the day and on the go." - Allison Foster

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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