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The Best Gifts for Camp Cooking Chefs

Food tastes better outside.

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There's something about doing virtually anything outside that brings out an extraordinary appreciation for the very same activities that seem most mundane during our day-to-day, indoor lives. Cooking is certainly no exception and we all have that one friend who throws down when dinner time rolls around at camp. If you're looking to score points with the camp chef in your crew (and get dibs on seconds), pick up any of these gifts for the holidays.

Coleman Triton Series 2-Burner Stove

Coleman is one of the OGs when it comes to camp stoves and the Triton 2-Burner lives up to their longstanding reputation for quality and durability.  


Stanley Classic Vacuum French Press 48oz

What's worse than hungry campers? Campers without coffee. This French press from Stanley comes in a classic design and is large enough to brew four generous cups of coffee at a time. 


Barebones Cast Iron Kit

Cooking with cast iron is like a badge of honor. Not only does it make your food taste great, but it looks badass and can last a lifetime if you take care of it properly. 


Camp Chef Square Cooking Iron

These little guys take campfire cooking to the next level. You can make all sorts of delicious stuffed concoctions from grilled cheese pockets to warm and gooey desserts. Sign. Us. Up. 


GSI Outdoors Pioneer Enamelware Table Set

We've been known to eat canned chili out of a frisbee when we're camping (it works better than you'd think) but for a real camp chef's meal, proper dishes are necessary and we love the old-school enamel in this set. 


Alps Mountaineering Square Dining Table

If you're camping on BLM land or anywhere without a picnic table to cook on, having a folding table to stash in the car is a must. Nobody wants to cut vegetables while kneeling in the dirt. 


Igloo Legacy 54 Stainless Steel Cooler

Every camp cook needs a solid cooler. We love this one from Igloo because of its cold retention, clean design, and the bottle opener on the front. Win-win-win.  


JetBoil Flash Cooking System

Remember what we said about campers without coffee? Use the Flash to whip up some boiling water in no time without sacrificing one of the burners on your Coleman stove and satiate your friends' caffeine addiction before they take out their frustration on you. 


BioLite FirePit

Sometimes it's not possible to have a proper campfire, but that doesn't mean you can't have a warm meal cooked over an open flame. Just ask Austin Jackson.  


GSI Outdoors Santoku Knife Set

There's nothing worse than trying to cook with crappy knives. It's bad news at home and even worse at the campsite. These stainless steel blades from Santoku come in a to-go case perfect for camping and will never leave you wanting when in comes to control and sharpness.  

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