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How to Pack Light and Travel Far

Managing your luggage shouldn't be an adventure.

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Whether you're spending a weekend in the Adirondacks or flying across the Pacific to hike the Jogokundani Snow Monkey Park, we know you're in it for the experience of exploring somewhere new. By packing light, and carrying the right luggage, you'll be able to spend more time enjoying and less time lugging.

Why Pack Light?

Packing light means bringing exactly what you need for your trip, and nothing more. Devotees of the "less is more" packing school focus on bringing durable clothing and gear that can be worn or used throughout the entire trip. 

When you pack light, everything gets easier. Fewer belongings mean fewer things to manage when you're moving from place to place, especially when you choose the right packing organizers and bag, like the versatile Eagle Creek Migrate Duffle with backpack straps.

Benefits of Nimble Travel

Apart from getting from point A to point B with less hassle, there are other benefits to traveling nimbly.

You may be able to avoid luggage fees altogether by just having a carry-on for planes, trains, and buses. A small pack can be locked up in a travel locker, leaving you to explore a city unencumbered. Even when you do have your luggage, it'll be easy to tuck under your seat at a restaurant or bar.

Also, nimble travel makes you look like less of a tourist. This may keep you off the radar of pickpockets and petty thieves, but it also tends to endear you to the locals. When you are focused on adventure and not baggage, it's easier to hop on a moped and follow a friendly local to that hidden cove that isn't in any guide book.

Tips for Packing Light

It all begins with the right bag. If you can squeeze into something petite, like the rugged Eagle Creek Wayfinder 30L, you'll have it made in the shade. If that seems a little too extreme—we get it—opt for something a bit bigger but still easy to carry.

When packing, opt for clothing and gear that suits your adventure style and destination, and is durable enough to be worn for multiple days. For example, if your trip is a mix of city life and exploration, find versatile pieces that'll be at home both on the mountaintop and in the local bar. 

Packing light is a give and take. Sometimes it means packing an item that might not be perfect, but that you can deal with not having. Do you need your laptop, or can you get away with a tablet? Can you get by with two pairs of shoes instead of three? 

Of course, you should never skimp on safety equipment or gear that is necessary for your particular brand of adventure. 

Are you ready to take a chance on packing light? No matter where you're headed next, our friends at Eagle Creek can help you find just the right pack to get you there.

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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