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Eagle Creek Migrate Duffel 60L Review

Whether it's a weekend camping trip or a wilderness retreat, a durable, spacious and functional duffel bag can make a great addition to your outdoor gear. Combine that with the functionality of a comfortable backpack and you have the perfect travel companion.

Recently, my fiancée and I got the Eagle Creek Migrate Duffel 60L to replace my previous duffel bag that was basically torn to shreds. I had that duffel bag for more than 10 years and it served me well, but it was time to move on to something more durable and new. The Migrate was exactly what we needed. Check out the following review for more!

Wide Mouth Opening

First things first, the Migrate 60L is sneakily HUGE. This doesn't mean it's a burden, however. In fact, it is FAR from it. Looking at it when closed and full of gear, you wouldn't really know just how much space it has. But when you realize the Migrate 60L has a wide mouth opening, then you really start to see just how much you can put in this puppy.

The ends of the main opening have buckles that snap into place on the base of the bag when closed. This allows it to stay compact when used while carrying. When you want to open it and access all the space inside, simply unbuckle the sides and unzip.

Backpack Conversion

As mentioned prior, the Migrate also comes with backpack straps that are hidden under tuck-away slits along the sides of the top zipper. Simply pull both straps out, clip both ends into their respective buckles and the Migrate converts to a comfortable backpack.

In backpack-mode, the Migrate 60L is surprisingly comfortable. Of course, this will always vary based on how much and what you put in the bag, but it seems to be one of the best convertible duffel bags I've ever used.

5-Star Recommended

All-in-all, the Eagle Creek Migrate Duffel 60L is darn near close to the perfect duffel bag/backpack hybrid. It's massive and yet lightweight. The material is made from recycled material taken from landfills in Asia. The material is water repellent and more than durable enough. Lastly, the Sahara Yellow color is KILLER. I love the way this bag looks. It's got great colors that will help it to standout without going too far. Whether male or female, you'll love the look of this bag in this color!

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