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7 Epic Views You Will Only Find in Banff National Park

2,500 square miles of snow capped mountains, crystal blue lakes and wandering mega-fauna, there is something for everyone at Banff National Park.

By: Alyssa + Hannah ODYSEA + Save to a List

National Geographic Traveler magazine has just named Banff National Park one of the top 21 destinations for 2017, and for good reason. With endless snow capped mountains, rugged peaks and Gatorade blue lakes it is one destination that should be on everyone's list. 

1. Lake Louise

Possibly one of the most photographed destinations in Banff National Park, Lake Louise is one you cannot miss. For a surreal view of the lake, stay until dusk when all turns blue and the crowds have gone.

Dusk at Lake Louise, Alberta
Photo: Alyssa at The ODYSEA

Lake Louise, Alberta
Photo: Alyssa at The ODYSEA

2. Lake Louise Trail

If you have the time, hike the trail leading from Lake Louise village to the crystal blue lake. The trail follows an uphill icy stream through the dense forest, overlooks magnificent views and finishes with the winding road to the picture-perfect lake.

Lake Louise Road, Alberta
Photo: Irving Crea Photos

3. Vermillion Lakes

Located a short stroll from Banff through the forest and winding over streams, you'll find Vermillion Lakes. Perfect for a picnic on the pier or deer spotting.

Vermillion Lakes, Banff
Photo: Alyssa at The ODYSEA

4. Mount Rundle

You can spot this mountain from just about anywhere near the Banff town center, but trek the Hoodoos Trail for the best views or scramble up to the top.

Hoodoos trail, Banff
Photo: Alyssa at The ODYSEA

Rundle Mountain
Photo: Irving Crea Photos

5. Tunnel Mountain

Hike Tunnel Mountain from Banff  for views over the town and surrounding valley. Or if it's foggy and snowing that day, you'll see something like this... 

Tunnel Mountain Hike, Banff
Photo: Alyssa at The ODYSEA

6. Hoodoos Lookout

A short drive, or spectacular hike from Banff, it's one that won't disappoint.

Hoodoos Lookout, Banff
Photo: Alyssa at The ODYSEA

7. Bow River Falls

Walk the river trail from Banff to find stunning views of the surrounding valley and the aqua blue river as it winds around the mountains.

Bow Falls, Banff
Photo: Irving Crea Photos

And I know it's not exactly a landscape view but you can't forget these guys!

And these.. 

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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