Hike to John-Suwan Viewpoint

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A peaceful lookout on Koh Tao's southern point that provides beautiful views overlooking two of Koh Tao's bays as well as a captivating panorama of the entire island.

This trail is located on the south of Koh Tao.  You will want to head to the Freedom Beach Resort parking area.  It is located down a hill with clear signs.  I parked my motorbike at the top of the hill and then walked down.  Across from the resort (opposite side of parking area) is a trail with wooden signs signifying the viewpoint.  If you are unsure, the Maps.Me app has the trail marked and it's easy to follow with your GPS signal that way.  

I would suggest going to the view point at sunrise.  First off there is no one at the "gate" so you won't need to pay (not sure how much it is when there is someone at the "gate."  Also I had the lookout all to myself and avoided the blazing sun of midday.  From the start of the trail it is a quick 10-15 minute  walk to the viewpoint.  There are ropes in some steep sections to hold onto and the dirt can be a bit slippery in places.  If you don't wander around surfaces like that often, I would recommend wearing tennis shoes.  However, I wore my Bedrock Sandals and didn't have any issues.  

In one sections, near the top, the trail does split.  You want to stay to the left and hug the boulders on that side.  The trail will wrap around and then scramble up the boulders to take you to the summit.  Again there is a fixed rope here if you need some extra help.

This viewpoint is a must do during your time on Koh Tao, and after enjoying the view, you can head down to either bay afterwards for a nice swim and relaxing day on the beach. 

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