Hike to Rainbow Falls

5.7 Miles Round Trip - 1500 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

Rainbow Lake Trail - Search Nearby - Added by Clare Healy

Explore this 80-foot high, hidden waterfall that produces a mist rainbow visible on sunny afternoons. This hike is located less than 10 miles from downtown Chattanooga and can provide easy access to Signal Point for sweeping views of the Tennessee River gorge.

Most Rainbow Lake Trail hikers have seen or heard the majestic Rainbow Falls, but fewer have ventured down the treacherous path to the falls themselves. Albeit a bit daunting, especially if there has been recent rain, the path from Rainbow Lake Trail down to Rainbow Falls is a rewarding trek for those capable.

The hike from the Rainbow Lake Trailhead to Rainbow Lake is casual and great for first time hikers. When arriving at the lake, you'll find an area to rest, eat lunch, take pictures, or explore the dam. In the summer, you'll find that many hikers swim in this area. If you decide to continue on your way to Rainbow Falls or Signal Point, you'll head down creek until you hit the Signal Mountain swinging bridge. Jump onto the bridge and grab those Instagram-worthy shots, but do not cross it! You are going to stay on the current side of the creek to follow the white trail blazes towards Signal Point for a little less than a mile.

Once you get to another small, rustic bridge (this time, you WILL cross it), you are just a few minutes walk away from the path to the falls. As of October 2015, the trail to the falls was marked by a green rope wrapped around a tree (but do not rely solely on this marker). There are multiple ways down to the falls, but the western-most path, or the one furthest from the trailhead, is the easiest of the bunch. But don't be mislead. Just because this is the easiest way down does not mean it is an easy trek, especially if the trail is muddy. It is a steep cliff and the trail is unmaintained, so each step must be taken with caution. Ropes have been set up between trees which are very helpful getting down to the falls.

Upon arriving at the falls, hang that hammock, bask in the refreshing mist coming off the falls, shoot some photos or enjoy a snack before heading back up to the trail.

Once back onto the main trail, you can continue west to Signal Point for beautiful views of the TN River or head back to Rainbow Lake trailhead. Whatever you do, be sure to grab some tasty BBQ from Shuford's Smokehouse on your way back!


Easy Parking
Swimming Hole


5.7 Miles
1500 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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Beautiful Fall Hike

It was a great afternoon hike in the fall with the leaves changing colors and the view from signal point over looking the river is beautiful. The waterfall it self was hard to find. The trails head is not marked so just look for the orange tape around a tree. Once we found it the walk down was pretty rough. The falls was definitely worth the trouble getting down to it. For a couple of college students who love hiking it was a great hike with great views.

Rainbow falls or Julia Falls

By far the most rewarding hike I have yet endeavour-Challenging hike steep slippery trails but the most breathtaking waterfall with a full rainbow at its base Of it’s cascade into a most pristine looking swimming hole- It was getting too late when I got there the park was about to close so I did not have a chance to take a dip I highly recommend it I will put it about strenuous but so rewarded

No Green Rope Marker, But Rest Of Article Is Accurate

We descended the first trail on the right that veered off from the main. It's extremely steep and loose but there are a few ropes to help you down and back up. The waterfall is exactly as pictured and what you'd expect. I really enjoyed the swaying bridge on the way there. Altogether, definitely a solid must-do hike in the Chattanooga area.