Tara Warolin

I am a Washington native. I have lived in Washington, California, Iowa, New York and New Zealand. As you can tell I love the outdoors, but I also love movie bloopers, minimalist living, any sort of crafting and cats. I'm an introvert to the core so I like to hike alone.

Upper Lena Lake

Mason County, Washington
12.61 mi / 4239 ft gain

Backpack to Snow Lake by Mt. Whittier

Toutle, Washington
16 mi / 2700 ft gain

Drift Creek Falls

Otis, Oregon
2.98 mi / 449 ft gain

Lake Ann and Lower Curtiss Glacier

Deming, Washington
11.67 mi / 3241 ft gain

Heather Lake Trail

Granite Falls, Washington
4.33 mi / 1165 ft gain

Hike to Lulumahu Falls

Honolulu, Hawaii
2.3 mi / 900 ft gain

Carter & Narada Falls

Packwood, Washington
5.81 mi / 1434 ft gain