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The Best Backpacking in Taiwan

Looking for the best backpacking in Taiwan? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Taiwan. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top backpacking spots in and near Taiwan

  • Heping District, Taiwan

    Climb Snow Mountain

    14 mi / 6142 ft gain
    When talking about high mountains, Taiwan probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind for most people. Yet this beautiful island is covered from north to south by prominent mountain ranges. In north central Taiwan, Shei-Pa National Park alone boasts an impressive 51 peaks over 3,000 meters,...
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  • Xinyi Township, Taiwan

    Summit Jade Mountain (玉山 Yushan)

    13.5 mi / 4435.7 ft gain
    Yushan National Park is located in south central Taiwan, and is home to many of the island’s tallest mountains, with peaks from the Yushan and Central Mountain Ranges. Over 30 peaks within the park stand above 3,000 meters, the pinnacle being Jade Mountain (Yushan), which is Taiwan’s tallest moun...
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