The Best Outdoor Activities in Sri Lanka

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Ride the Podi Menike Train from Colombo to Badulla

Sri Lanka / Fort Station, Colombo

The Podi Menike train leaves daily from either Fort Train Station in Colombo or from Badulla, and takes approximately 10 hours to complete its journey.

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Summit Adam's Peak

Sri Lanka / Delhouse

At 2243m, Adam’s Peak is a unique mountain in that it is considered a sacred pilgrimage site for Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus alike.

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Hike to World's End in Horton Plains NP

Sri Lanka / Knuckles Information Center

World's End in Horton Plains National Park is perhaps *the* tourist destination in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, featuring a 4,000' drop and breathtaking views of tea plantations and the Indian.

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Hike Little Adam's Peak

Sri Lanka / Little Sri Pada TH, Sri Lanka

The village of Ella is a perfect little backpackers stop on southwestern edge of the central Sri Lankan hill country on the main train line between Badulla and the capitol, Colombo.

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Hike Sigiriya's Lion Rock

Sri Lanka / Sigiriya Entrance

Sigiriya or Lion Rock is an ancient rock citadel located in Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle.

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