Photograph Hippie Hole in the Winter

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Hippie Hole is a very popular Hills hiking getaway in the summer (especially for you adventure seekers), but in the winter it is a hidden gem all to your self!

Just like in the summer version of Hippie Hole, it is a fairly easy drive, but there can be lots of snow and drifts on the narrow road, so 4WD is a must.  The road down is scenic and there are numerous places to stop and take in the sights and even hike around if so desired. Allow yourself enough time to soak it in! You will know where to park when you get down there because there will be a flat loop area, and a rock that has graffiti on it declaring it is "Hippie Hole" (Although, depending on the time of the year, it may be graffiti-ed to read differently; don't let that deter you . . .you're in the right place.)

Take the hike down from the parking area to the creek slowly, as it can be snowy and icy, making it quite slippery in some places. Once you get down to the creek bottom, the going is a little easier because usually you can walk right on the ice covering the creek, but do be careful as some places the water is open or the ice could be thin. As you are trudging your way down, keep your eyes peeled for the chance to see various wildlife, such as mountain goats. There are often tracks in the snow for you to track them, and once I saw a group of 4 of them, climbing around the steep sides of the ravine. Such a spectacle!

In my opinion, the best time to go see Hippie Hole in the winter is when it has been below freezing for several days consecutively; then the waterfall flowing into the "hole" is frozen and makes for a very unique column of ice!  

Use your judgement when it comes to the ice and tread carefully. Practice LNT and pack out whatever you pack in.

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