Hike Table Mountain's India Venster Route

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This is an amazing and exciting hike above Cape Town that leads to the top of Table Mountain.

Starting about 50 m to the right of the lower cable car station of Table Mountain National Park, this 2.5 km point-to-point hike begins its 670 m elevation gain with a thigh-crushing ascent up a steep trail. Follow the trail about 15 to 20 minutes up to the contour path. Here you will see a green sign, but India Venster is no longer indicated and starts behind that sign post UP the mountain, basically along the path of the cable car (follow the blue and/or green spray paint marks and yellow footprints on the rocks). You will be able to see the cable car go above your head along this route. Along the way you will encounter handles and chains to help you pull yourself up and over some rocks and boulders. There is lots of scrambling along this route, so stick to the path and hike in groups. After completing two-thirds of the route, there is a beautiful picnic spot with views of the city bowl, Lion's Head, Signal Hill, and the ocean in the background. At the top of the mountain, head over to the top of the cable car for beverages, bathrooms, food, and a gift shop. Take the cable car down if you'd like (adult one-way ticket is R135), or explore any of the many other trails Table Mountain has to offer.

NOTE: Extremely dangerous route with steep rock climbing and difficult navigation. DO NOT attempt this route if inexperienced. The cableway may close at any time due to strong winds. Always allow enough time to walk down. Only hike India Venster when the weather is good, when visibility is clear, and when the wind is minimal. Turn back if the weather starts to change. In summer, avoid hiking mid-day due to high temperatures. Do not hike alone. Stick to the path. 

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