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  • Bovec, Slovenia

    Top Spots in and near Bovec

    • Mače, Slovenia

      Hike to the Hudičev Boršt Refuge

      3.4 mi / 2388.5 ft gain
      This 1h 50 minutes long hike starts at the end of nice big parking area, continuing straight through the forest, where the path begins as a cart track. There are a few intersections, where you hold on the right, following a very nicely marked path. After a few ascents you arrive to a bigger inter...
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    • Barcis, Italy

      Hike to Sentiero del Dint

      1.9 mi / 1722.4 ft gain
      The colors of the water of this lake alone, from green to blue, a great reason to plan a trip to this magical place. But, you shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to follow the Dint Path, a trail through the woods near the Forra del Cellina Nature Reserve.The main path is easily accessible from ...
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