Hike the Morne Blanc Trail

1 miles 900 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

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A quick uphill climb through lush mist forest to a spectacular viewpoint overlooking the coast of western Mahe. 

Morne Blanc, with its shear cliff face, is the most iconic mountain on the island of Mahe. A quick 45 minute climb up a well maintained trail will lead you to a viewing platform with sweeping views of Mahe's west coast. 

The trailhead is located on the Sans Soucis road, about 15 minutes by bus from Port Glaud and is clearly marked. As you move up in elevation the jungle becomes more lush and moss and ferns become more abundant. The decent back to the road only takes 20 minutes if you don't stop. 

An early start would be advised because the clouds tend to move in around Morne Blanc's peak around noon, obscuring the beautiful view  

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Great scenery would to live there !!

It worth visiting Mont Bllanc but not information on the french connection and it’s history. Bit a shame as historical info adds depths and value.

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