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Review: HOKA Anacapa Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Boots

The perfect hiking boot for all casual walks, hikes, and everyday wear.

By: Samara Almonte + Save to a List

As much as I enjoy planning a weekend getaway to a nearby campsite or a hike I have been saving on my Instagram “nature” list, the truth is I don’t always have the time to get far from home and into the woods. Which is why I enjoy finding outdoor gear that I can incorporate into my weekly routine and use while walking up a mountain. The HOKA Anacapa Mid GORE-TEX hiking boots are just that. They are both fashionable and comfortable to wear across a variety of outdoor activities.

Outfit for walking around the farmers market on the weekend. Perfect streetwear boots for a day of walking!

Highlights: The design elements

Prior to receiving a pair of Anacapa boots thanks to The Outbound Writers Residency for Underrepresented Storytellers, I associated HOKA with running shoes. I am not an avid runner, so all of the “running shoes” I have ever owned in my life have been purchased based on their fashionable characteristics or practicality for using them in short walks and sporadic trips to the gym. Which is why I had no idea how great it can feel on your feet to wear shoes that are specifically designed for running. 

HOKA published a blog article about the design process of these boots in June, where they state, “We’ve taken our cushioned support and efficient, smooth ride you know from HOKA running shoes and worked them into a premium hiking boot”. 

I can absolutely attest to this as I took these boots on a 4-mile hike and a harvesting trip to a farm within the same week. During both experiences I felt like my feet were surrounded by flexible cushioned support. 

I found that these boots didn’t cause my foot to bend like tennis shoes or running shoes might, particularly when hiking on the Poo Poo Point trail where I encountered tree roots and heavy rocks along the way. However, the Anacapa boots are not as rigid as other hiking or working boots I have encountered that tend to leave your feet sore after hiking.

Lastly, aside from the bold color options, I love the high-top design of these boots that gives them their “hiking boot” look. Almost everyone who asks me about the boots points out this feature. I feel like it gives the shoe more of a streetwear look than your average PNW-granola-vibes hiking shoe. 

Areas for Improvement

Although HOKA lists the hiking boots as waterproof, they are not as resistant to heavy showers in the PNW as I expected. One of the days I decided to wear these boots, a heavy storm hit almost unexpectedly and unfortunately I hadn’t packed extra shoes with me so I had to drive home in semi-wet and humid boots.

Compared to the other hiking boots I own, the Anacapa hiking boots would not be ideal for taking a walk on a heavy rainy day. In addition, I felt like the boots took a couple of days to fully dry, so I accelerated the process by placing them in front of my space heater.

Nonetheless I don’t regret my choice. Since I was a young child I have always enjoyed expressing myself through fashion and as I became more interested in “outdoor fashion” I try to find ways to explore my creative side among the hues of earth tones. Aside from avoiding heaving rains, you best believe I will be making my round in these boots. Who knows, maybe it’s worth getting a pair in every color!

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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