Samantha Fennessy

So Beautiful

Because it is may the weather was colder and it snowed and rained a few time on the hike but personally for me that is when nature is most beautiful for me the weather can really set the tone for your day and I feel like the lest sunny the more you can really see the beauty. Of course I love sunny days but for this particular location it was amazing. Now when you first arrive there is another hike you can go on that is away from the falls but I feel like it's totally worth it. It's a small mountain /hill right next to the first parking lot. You park in the first parking lot get out pay 😉 a measly five bucks and then there will be a side walk you'll be able to start walking on. You'll pass a wooden bench and then shortly after you'll knot ice a trail going up the side of the mountain of course my my boyfriend I being curious we went on it. We continued and finished the hike it was so easy and we where able to finish it there and back in an hour and then continue to the falls which is located by the second parking lot. The falls where beautiful and peaceful and calm again it is may so it wasn't busy what's so Evers that's how I like these types of things haha. An amazing experience in steam boat springs ! Oh and after all this hiking go treat yo self to strawberry springs 😉