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Sabrina Weng

Former Couch Potato Turned Adventurer

I've hiked Rattlesnake a total of 2 times. The first time was a couple of years ago during the summer and I absolutely ... disliked it. Don't get me wrong, the view at the top is gorgeous - but the switchbacks and huge crowds during the day make it a lot less enjoyable. That said, I decided to give rattlesnake another chance on my birthday (early November) and started on the trail around 5AM. It was pitch dark but I had my handy dandy headlamp and surprisingly when you can't see the switchbacks, you don't dread them as much! It was wet and cold but the minute I saw the winter wonderland towards the top, I realized it was all worth it. Sometimes you just have to view things from a different perspective!

Hands down the prettiest lake that I've ever seen and the longest distance that I've ever hiked in a day. My friend and I drove up from Seattle and spent Friday night in Squamish then tackled this one as a day hike the next morning. The trails in Canada are always so well maintained so the long distance was a lot more doable due to the smooth path. There are supposed to be a lot of bears in the meadows but we didn't see any (probably because there were a lot of people on the trail as well). The round trip distance is actually about 33km -- which is about 20 miles.

I was having a rough week and wanted some nature therapy so I picked this one from my bucket list. Definitely was not disappointed! In 9 miles you get magical views of the forest, waterfalls, meadows, boulders, and a beautiful lake at the end! Also did this one by myself (like a big girl) so I had plenty of time to reflect and by the end of the hike I felt very refreshed (and hungry). Definitely recommend waterproof hiking boots for this one because you pretty much have to walk through the creek and a lot of rocky paths which can be harsh on your feet if you don't have the right support!

Did this one as a day hike and the elevation gain definitely gives you a good workout! The Ira spring trail is gorgeous in the fall and you get pretty good glimpses of Rainier as well. After about 3 miles, the hike tops off and leads into a steady decline as you make your way down to the lake (but also note that you will have to hike back up when you wish to return). It is a pretty popular lake so it can get crowded but I recommend walking a little bit further around it and I'm sure you can snag a good spot!

I went with my friend when it first started snowing last week and it was gorgeous! The hike itself is short and easy with great views along the way. Definitely don't recommend going into the caves especially during the winter time - when I went, it looked like there was a ton of snow that collapsed inside and sometimes we could hear the rumbles of an avalanche.

Probably one of the best drives I've been on in North Bend! They repaved the roads so any vehicle can make it through this area. There are also a ton of trails along the way and overall a great location for some nice pictures and outdoorsy adventures!

I normally don't hike the same place twice but with lake 22 it's different. It's an easy hike that is great for everyone (kids,dogs,beginners)! The trail is very well maintained I can honestly say that this is where my love for nature started. I've hiked to the lake in the summer and fall (today!) but I definitely plan on going back during winter and spring. It's not too long of a hike either and trust me - the minute you hit the boardwalk and see the lake with the mountains in the background, it'll all be worth it.