September 2015 I made the decision to walk away from my career in Marketing to pursue my dreams. I sold most of my belongings, bought a motorhome, married my best friend and here we are today traveling across America ...

One of the most amazing hikes I've been on!

Of all the hikes I have taken in the United States this is definitely in the top 10. It is a difficult trail but by far the most rewarding especially for only a 2.5 mile hike one way! You gain a lot of elevation so give yourself plenty of time before sunset because you don't want to attempt this hike in the dusk/dark. Great post Kristina!

Utah has some of the most amazing sunsets!

Tiffany is correct the best time to photograph this place is at sunset but arrive at least an hour before to claim your spot maybe even 2 hours in the spring through fall months! I live in Vegas and often make this drive because the sunsets in Utah are some of the best I've seen in the United States! Great post Tiffany!

Can't Wait To Go!

I just moved to Vegas and am so excited to be so close to this park! Thanks for sharing and can't wait to go explore it!

Looking Forward To Going Here!

Thanks for posting this Dan! I've always wanted to go here and am even more excited now about planning a trip! Cheers!

Ross Kyker

almost 4 years ago

Easy Hike And Worth The Trip

It was a very easy hike in and out and well worth it! But I think they changed their night policy, I was there a few weeks ago and there's signs posted all over that say "Open Sunrise to Sunset otherwise you're trespassing" so double check with the Rangers before you stay late

A new spin on Mormon Row!

Awesome work Eric and thank you for sharing, it's very refreshing to see some different ideas for shooting Mormon Row and definitely has me more excited about shooting up there! Cheers!