Comuna Mihai Viteazu, Romania

Climb/Hike Cheile Turzii

3.7 Miles Total - 984.3 ft gain - Loop Trail

Originally added by Peter Niehoff

This is an amazingly beautiful gorge that you can hike through and go climbing in!

This short but beautiful hike through the gorge can be done from both ways, following the Hasdate river, however, most people will start from the east end of the canyon. Following the trail, you will pass some 60 small caves and a lot of easy to intermediate climbing routes, cross the river several times on old bridges and end up in an open valley where you can pitch your tent for the night. Since it is a natural reserve, fishing is prohibited, but you can go for an afternoon swim in the stream and dry yourself on the flanks of the hills. Fires are allowed and make for a great way to grill some food and pass the time until it gets dark. Being well outside any major cities, watching stars is one of the most fascinating things to do. The local shepherds will bring their sheep through the valley just before sunrise (and sundown) and you will wake up with hundreds of sheep surrounding your tent the next day. To get back to your starting point you can either walk back through the gorge, or take the uphill route to the (slightly higher) northern peak. It is very rocky and looks like straight from one of Tolkien's books. From here you can see some of the amazing landscape of Transilvania. Back down on the other side, you will be able to get a yourself a good langos or a fresh, warm Kurtos Kalacs (chimney cake) before heading to one of the many other great must sees in Transilvania. 

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It’s an amazing place, I made a short film with my adventure there, if you want to see how impressive the landscape is check the link

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