Lovely little getaway from the city.

While this is not an expansive area (no actual trails, just a walk-around spot that might be good for a picnic), the waterfalls are quite something. I got up a bit closer than the vast majority of visitors - as in I found a way to get on top of one crop of the falls. The mist and spray was amazing and refreshing, and getting closer to the falls themselves definitely made this trip a million times more exciting than it could have been. I got some lovely shots, too. I imagine that, if you live or work around here, this would be THE place to go on your lunch break or after work when you just need to be around a force of nature without breaking out the trailblazing gear.

Tons to see!

This park is absolutely gorgeous. We spent a good few hours walking around, looking at the many different areas of interest. The manor (which we didn't go in - apparently they claim it's haunted, and do self-guided tours; we're going back for that!), the cemetery, and around the entire perimeter of the lake as well as throughout much of the other grounds There were a few other people there, but the entire park was still nice and quiet. We saw the swans - and, although they stayed out on the middle island area of the lake, we saw they had three babies! Super cute. We also drove the very short distance to the actual Gardens, which are a separate area. We didn't have time to see much of them, but they were beautiful, and we plan on going back there, too! Overall absolutely lovely, and we can't wait to go back!

Always More to Explore

The Brandywine Valley, in general, is enormous. I love spending much of my leisure time just getting lost out in the Valley and finding lovely, hidden little spots for moments of peaceful quiet or for some photography. Creek Rd is one of my favorite roads, and there are many spots along the entire Brandywine that are highly photogenic! I have hiked some of the "marked" paths in the areas immediately surrounding this particular little bit of land, though I have spent more time off the trail than on, stumbling upon expansive cornfields and breathtaking early-morning vistas of the fog-laden hills. The Blue Ridge Mountains it is not, and most of the year much of the valley is, overall, not extraordinarily remarkable; nevertheless, it's a stone's throw from home and easily accessible (there are a number of areas to park for free, and little pull-off sections along most roads to stop and admire the nature). I always manage to find new things to photograph! (Just this morning, not that far from Creek Road, I stumbled upon a small stream on the edge of some private property that was laden with primroses, and one of the owner's employees, I think he was, gave me permission to walk around the area and photograph to my little heart's content!)