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Top beaches in the world. Snorkeling with turtles, sting rays and coral reefs. Beautiful hidden Caribbean paradise. Stay as long as you'd like!

At Flamenco Beach, which is always ranked among the top 5 beaches in the world, the water is incredibly blue, and the sand is white and soft. The contrast of colors with the green island behind it is indescribably beautiful. Flamenco is usually pretty busy with people because it's so popular, and there are a couple places to eat close by.

Just to southwest of Flamenco, you can take a road out to Tamarindo Beach, where you can swim and snorkel with turtles, sting rays, and all kinds of fish. There is also a beautiful coral reef right there. You can rent snorkeling gear for around $10 on site, but you can also bring your own.

If you have a rented Jeep (see below) you can explore the whole island and head over to Zoni Beach, which has a lot less people and is still extremely beautiful. They will give you a map of the island that will help you find more places to explore!

Whether you're there for a day or a week, this beautiful island paradise will treat you so well, and you'll be able to relax like never before. Have fun exploring!

Getting there: The island of Culebra is just east of Puerto Rico, and it takes about an hour and a half on a ferry to get there. You can also fly out of the airport, it's just not nearly as cheap as the ferry. The ferry takes off from Fajardo, Puerto Rico, which is about an hour and a half east of San Juan. A roundtrip ticket costs $4 and must be purchased in Fajardo. Tickets run out fast during busy seasons, so make sure to get there as early as you can - the booth opens at 7. The Fajardo Ferry Terminal is located at PR-195, Fajardo, 00738, Puerto Rico.

Once on the island you can take a shuttle bus out to Flamenco Beach. You can also rent a Jeep for the day to explore the entire island - it costs a little bit more than the shuttle but is well worth it! There are lots of people offering Jeep rentals on the island, so that won't be difficult to find.


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Long Day Of Travel But Worth It

A group of 22 of us arrived at 4am in Fajardo, PR to get tickets for the ferry to Culebra. Long story short, only 5 of us made it to the island. Camped out on Flamenco beach. Definitely the best thing we did our whole trip! Highly recommended!


This island was so beautiful! We walked across the island in a few hours, it's that small, and slept on the beach. The sunrise was the perfect thing to wake up to. When we arrived on the island though, there were not many places for food or drink open. One place actually had a sign that said "We're open when we're open and closed if we're not". Talk about island time! If you're visiting PR, it's definitely worth planning a day or two to visit Culebra.

Corry Jones

almost 4 years ago

Best place on earth

While flamenco is the main draw for most people visiting the island Zoni, Tamarindo, and the Carlos Rosario snorkeling preserve are equally amazing and usually much less crowded. (We had Carlos Rosario to ourselves). If you are looking for a cheap place to stay and don't plan to hang out in your room all day check out the Hotel Kokomo. Its right across the street from the ferry dock. Not super clean but makes a great base camp to explore from.