Temple of the Sun (Coricancha)

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The remains of the most important temple in the Incan empire

 The Temple of the Sun of the Incas (Coricancha) is believed to be the most important temple of the Incan empire, and the most revered temple in Cusco. Originally named Intikancha or Intiwasi, it was dedicated to Inti, the Sun God. However, when the Spanish arrived, they razed most Inca temples and built churches on top of the foundations.

While the new church has a unique architecture of Spanish and Moorish design, the highlights here are the original Inca stonework, which is easily identified by the incredibly precise interlocking masonry. The original temple walls were once covered in sheets of gold, but it was likely all removed to pay a ransom to the Spanish in return for the life of the Inca leader 

Inside, you can see some of the temples (some reconstructed or restored) depicting the precise and incredible masonry building techniques of the Incas. Some of the structures have significant astronomical significance related to solstices and equinox, both of which were of extreme importance to the Inca.



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