Hike the Rimrock-Morrison Trail

14 miles 1609 ft gain  - Loop Trail

Added by Thomas Nickel

This is a nice longer trail for the region with tons of views of the Reservoir. It is a scenic trail of tall, hardwood, old growth trees, with a designated campground.

This trail has several loops off of it. Have a clear map when going into it, so you know which sections you are doing. 

Once you leave the trailhead parking lot, you have an option to head left on the Morrison Loop, or right on the Rimrock Loop. There is an adjacent trail that they share down the middle, if you only do one side or the other. The whole trail of both loops is 14 miles. 

We went right and did the rimrock side, first, and came up on the shared trail, for a total of 9 miles on our 2 day trip.

The trail was pretty flat at first, headed right on the rimrock trail, and was very pretty as spring was just starting. Then as we got closer to the lake, the trail went straight down hill. When it bottomed out, we followed it to the campground. The campground was nice but there are not tons of good spots for hammocks, so if you are a hammock camper, be prepared to be up in the thickets. We had to get creative with our hammock straps and tarp, for both of us to get under it, and stay dry in the rain. 

When going left, on Rimrock, the campground is approximately 5.5-5.6 miles in. It has picnic tables and fire rings at each site. And campground portapotties. Plenty of places for bear bags, which I believe are mandatory in this area. From here we went up the middle trail the 3.6 miles back to the car, and skipped the Morrison side, which is an additional 5 miles on the trip, which is great if you are doing a longer trip. 

Also, worth mentioning, these campgrounds are accessible by backpacking in, or boating in. So in peak season, there are probably lots of boaters, and if you are into kayaking, you could definitely kayak in from the many launches available on the lake. 

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over 1 year ago

One of the best adventures in the area.

Hard to find many like this around Lake Erie.

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