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Snowshoe Tom, Dick, and Harry

Government Camp, Oregon

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8 miles

Elevation Gain

1710 ft

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Added by Austin Jackson

This hike has one of the best views of Mt. Hood, and is just an hours drive away from Portland. This is an excellent spot for sunrise for photographers and sunrise chasers alike! 

Your day of adventure will start at the Skibowl West parking lot. Unfortunately, due to snowplowing, the roadside parking to the Mirror Lake trailhead is covered in snow. If you are doing this hike in the summer, be sure to check out this adventure: Climb Tock, Dick, and Harry Mountain!

After you park at Skibowl West, head back down the highway towards the Mirror Lake Trailhead. Depending on where you parked in the parking lot, this will be about a mile.

Once you park here, head up the trail towards Mirror Lake, which is 1.5 miles ahead. This trail goes right through the forest, which is beautiful, especially right after a fresh dusting of snow. This trail is popular enough that others will have packed it down enough to follow the trail. Once you reach the switchbacks, you will be nearing the lake. Depending on the month you go in, it is likely that the lake will just look like a snowfield. I do not recommend walking on the lake, just incase the ice is thin, but you should be able to walk around.

On the south side of the lake, you will see a clearing, and if you look up, you can see a ridge. That ridge is your destination! Usually at this point, the trail is not as packed anymore, so you must use common sense to find the top. This is easier than you may think, just keep walking up! You may decide that straight up is the way you want to go, which will be steep and difficult. Or, if you have more time, make your own switchbacks and take the long way up. 

As you are walking up, don't forget to turn around and look at the mountain. This is one of the best views of Mt. Hood that you can get, and you will see why. Keep going all the way until you reach the ridge. You will know that you are on Tom, Dick, and Harry because of the rocks. Many of these will be sticking up out of the ground. 

After you are done resting up, eating, and taking photos, head back the way you came. Remember that you must go down to the lake to find the trail again, so just walk in this general direction. You will be able to see the lake from the top, and most of the way down. Continue to take the same way back until you reach your car. Head over to Government Camp for beer and a burger after all of your hard work!   

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