Hike to Frustration Falls

7 Miles Round Trip - 1300 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

Salmon River Trail - Search Nearby - Added by Chad Torkelsen

Hidden gem in the Portland area.Get up close and personal with an incredible, powerful Oregon waterfall.Away from crowds. 

The hike and possible rappel to Frustration Falls begins at the Salmon River trailhead right outside of Welches, Oregon. From the trailhead you follow the trail for about 3.5 miles at which point you reach Canyon View (Shown in pictures 5-6 above). From the main trail this is the only view of Frustration Falls you can get. The hike to this point is a great easy hike for everyone through beautiful old growth forest. Throughout this hike there are plenty of camping spots available is you'd like to turn the hike into a multi day adventure. 

If you wish to be a bit more adventurous, about a half mile later there is a small trail that goes off to the right. This trail makes a steep descent until reaching a pool at the edge of a cliff and a great viewpoint of Frustration Falls below. 

The rest of this adventure is an optional addition for those experienced with rappelling.

*Beyond this point, extreme caution should be used as the trail is not well kept, and there are many places where scrambles are necessary near steep drops. Only experienced repellers should continue beyond this viewpoint.

From the viewpoint, the trail continues opposite the pool. Gradually it fades into more of a deer path, there are multiple places where you can rappel down, the place I've anchored at is a small split between two rocks where the descent is not as sheer as other places. 

Once down to the level of the falls there's all sorts of cool things to see and take pictures of. Just make sure to treat the area with respect as it is not very trafficked. 


Rock Climbing
Easy Parking


7 Miles
1300 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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Cool hike, bad directions

So I tried doing this hike today but ended up on the old salmon river trail by mistake. The directions for this hike are quite a bit off. You need to keep driving Salmon River road till you see a one lane bridge. The trailhead is on the left right at the beginning of the bridge. We did hike a mile or two up the trail and it was beautiful. Definitely want to go back and go further next time.