Soak in Alvord Hot Springs

0.25 miles  - Out-and-Back Trail

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Solitude and relaxation deep in the remote heart of eastern Oregon wilderness overlooking the Alvord Desert and at the base of the breathtaking, glaciated Steens Mountain.

Alvord Hot Springs at the base of Steens Mountain deep in the heart of the eastern Oregon Wilderness is a hidden gem, known mostly to climbing enthusiasts and the ambitious adventurer willing to drive the nearly 4 hours from Boise, Bend, or 2.5 hours from the nearest town of any size, Winnemucca in Nevada. The final hour and change, regardless of direction, requires traversing the sporadically maintained Fields-Denio gravel road.

The hot spring itself, while surrounded by public land, is technically private and charges $5 per person for 24 hours of access, though depending on the time of day you arrive it's a bit of a honor system. Overnight camping with access can be had for $20 or you can drive down to the Alvord Desert playa and camp for free on public lands. There is a shower on site.

The spring itself surfaces at roughly 185 degrees but the clever piping system allows visitors to control the flow of water into the two pools, one which is open to the outdoors and the other largely enclosed. There is a changing area and a private shower. It is clothing optional.

Easy access to the Steens Mountain trail system can be had from the Springs or you can take the epic Steens Mountain Loop to the summit.

Be sure to fill up on gas in Fields or Denio, as either stations can be without fuel and the springs are quite remote. 

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Killer Hot Springs!

I’m traveling the country with my dog and we thought we‘d check this spot out. It did not disappoint! There’s zero light pollution, so you can see the Milky Way while sitting in the hot springs. It’s $5/person per soak and $25/night for a campsite which has a picnic table and fire pit. We stayed here for two nights. The hot springs overlook the Alvord Desert Playa on one side and the Steen Mountains on the other. The hot spring was VERY clean and well taken care of. You really can’t beat it. The owners were very friendly and helpful as well!


🥇Top Contributor

about 3 years ago

Night Views 👌

A beautiful place to enjoy a soak and look at the Milky Way. Price is very reasonable and the facilities are clean.

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