Explore the Triangle Lake Rock Slides and Lake Creek Falls

Oregon Triangle Lake Rock Slides

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    Chillin, Photography, Swimming, Hiking

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    Summer, Autumn

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Distance: 0.6 miles. Stay cool on a hot summer day. Natural rock water slide. Multiple swimming hole areas. Cliff jumping. Multiple waterfalls to swim under. Fish ladders. Relaxing in the sun.

Triangle Lake Rock Slide/Lake Creek Falls can be found off Highway 36, about a mile west of the small town of Triangle Lake, or approximately 26 miles east of the junction of Highways 126 and 36 in Mapleton. The sign for the parking area is upstream of the falls. There is a store across from the lake if you need any last minute food and drinks.

Lock up car and hide all valuables. Cross the highway and take the gravel path for 0.2 miles to the top of the staircase. Watch your step going down. Note the steps with the words "NO ALCOHOL" painted on them, and make sure you don't have any.

When you reach the bottom you can head to the right (downstream) to the rock slides. Or, turn left and head upstream to the Lake Creek Falls, a 25 ft waterfall that is an awesome place to swim and cool off. There is also a good chance you could have it all to yourself.

Above the falls, the water travels over a solid rock bed for several hundred feet. The sun warms the water where it runs shallow, making the water coming off the falls very warm and therapeutic as it pours on your back, if you can swim to the base.

Underwater, to the right of the falls, there is a large boulder - you can use this to get close to the falls, and try some waterfall rock climbing to reach the ledges behind the falls. When you are all done, it's fun to ride the current downstream so you don't have to climb over the big rocks laying all over the creek bed valley.

To head to the rock slides, follow the flow of the creek. First you'll come to what looks like the rock slide, but has a 3-4 ft drop off at the end, which isn't it. This is a place where people swim and jump off the cliff below into the huge, deep pool. You might find people swimming and jumping here.

Head further downstream, climbing over big rocks and logs, until you reach the slides. There is a nice place at the top for you to set up your tube. The slide will take you down to the right, bounce you off a rock wall (this is normal), shoot you back to the left, then down into the splash pool. Swim to the right once you hit the pool, where there is a path that will take you back to the top. Be careful exiting the water as the rocks can be slippery.

Back at the top of the slide, looking downstream, there are some erosion holes in the rock, on the left side of the slide. Some form underwater tunnels to other holes, and some are deep tubes you can climb into.

Have fun and be safe. I've been coming here since I was a kid in the 80s, and it's a majestic place to be. Please respect it and pack out what you pack in - they do provide garage cans at the stairs leading up to the highway.

Pack List

  • Swimsuit/board shorts
  • Flip flops/water shoes
  • Inner tube (or something w/padding, sliding down on your butt will hurt)
  • Towel
  • Camera (GoPro)
  • Light snacks and water
  • Swim mask
  • No glass or alcohol allowed (cops do show up, don't risk it)
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Tons of fun for with friends or family. It isn't really a hike to get there. From the parking lot you follow a gravel path along the highway to a stairway that leads you directly to the smaller falls. It's easily done- I walked down barefoot haha. The creek has several large pools. The sliding rock is fun for all ages. You can use inner tubes if you want but they aren't needed. There is cliff jumping as well as a log you can jump off into the pool at the base of the sliding rock. You can also climb up past the short waterfall featured in the images up to a taller waterfall (probably 25-30 ft). The current from the falls makes for good times and the water is plenty deep for swimming. Thanks to some sort of damming system you can use the attached ladder to get up to the top of a cement tunnel and then climb above the waterfall. The creek can then be explored much further up. I took some of my cousins today and this area supplied 5+ hours of entertainment. I definitely recommend.

about 2 months ago
about 2 months ago

The Triangle Lake rock slides are just that, naturally formed water slides that are fun for the whole family. The area has large boulders and rocks to spread out and enjoy the sunshine. Complete with cliff jumping this is a great place to bring the family and or friends on a hot Oregon day.

5 months ago
5 months ago

This is such a great place.. Lot's to explore Bring floaties. But not a must. I was introduced to these falls last month an am going back tomorrow actually. It will continue to be a place me n family will visit frequently.

about 1 year ago
about 1 year ago

This place is so much fun. It has cliff jumping rock slides and plenty of room just to relax or just hang out. I plan on going back soon.

over 1 year ago
over 1 year ago

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