Little Blitzen Springs

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This tucked away spring is the headwaters to the Little Blitzen river. In the middle of the barren Steen Mountain plateau, it is an oasis containing hundreds upon hundreds of wildflowers and little waterfalls of pure spring water that comes straight out of the ground. 

This adventure starts at a little dirt pull out on the Steens Mountain Road, from which a dirt trail leads up the valley. The trail gets very small so you may end up just following the creek up to the headwater meadows, which are full of alpine wildflowers. 

This is a rich botanical environment, so tread very carefully in order to cause as little damage to the wildflowers as possible while still enjoying the stunning meadow and majestic views of the valley below.

If you follow the stream downhill instead, you will reach a waterfall overlooking a sprawling valley. You can climb down the rocks by the waterfall to several small pools at the base. Keep your eyes out for golden eagles, marmot, and badgers as well! 


Swimming Hole

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