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La Tour is the name of the hidden tower in Laguna Beach and it looks like it's straight out of a fairy tale! Great spot to watch the sunset, play in the natural pool, or have a photoshoot.

To find this little hidden treasure, put Victoria Beach into your phone as your destination and park for free on S Coast Highway anywhere between Sunset Terrace, McAulay Place, or Victoria Drive. Make your way down any of these streets toward the beach and you'll see stairs going down at the end of Sunset Terrace/Victoria Drive. This is a popular beach so I'm sure you'll see people coming in and out of here.

Head down the stairs but before the last step to the beach, jump onto the rocks to your right. I'd recommend shoes you don't mind getting wet. Sandals are fine but it may be slippery. Walk along the rocks hugging the right side. After two short minutes you'll see the awesome natural looking pool. You might want to look up the tides, as sometimes they are too high to get close to the tower and sometimes they are too low and there is no water in the pool. Right before sunset seems to work out perfect for me.

The tower is right next to the natural pool. Fun fact: This tower was used as a spiral staircase so the people that lived above it could easily get down to the beach. It's abandoned and locked up now. Still, it provides a great landscape for photographers and I always see multiple photo shoots going on here. Enjoy!!

Pack List

  • Camera
  • Bathing suit if you want to test out the pool!
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about 1 month ago

Never would have found this place without the Outbound

One of the coolest ocean spots I've ever been too. It was secluded, and I had the whole area to myself. La Tour was an awesome site. To top it all off, a white whale surfaced straight up out of the ocean while I was photographing the ocean. I'd highly recommend this great adventure.

about 1 month ago

7 months ago

Little Gem

I found this gem a few years ago and have loved coming back to it as often as I can. It gets pretty crowded during summer, but it's worth it if you visit at high tide or when it's high surf and can swim in the ocean water pool below the tower.

7 months ago

8 months ago

Bucket List Number 38

Beautiful tour and gate with a cute lil pool in front :) but there were like 8 photoshoots when we went haha and best to go at low tides. 7/10

8 months ago

9 months ago

very beautiful, and popular

It was definitely a beautiful spot, but as Ben said, there were so many other people also taking photos and some (what appeared to be) engagement photo shoots. But I'd say it was worth it to see the tower and tide pools!

9 months ago

10 months ago

Unique Location On The Beach, Great For Sunset Photography

La Tour is a great place for sunset photography on the beach, and it provides the unique tower you won't find anywhere nearby. My only complaint is that there were photo shoots taking place right next to the castle, so be prepared to work around that if you happen to visit this spot.

10 months ago

Added by Aubree Plodinec

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