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The beer gear I love (and you will too)

7 Pieces of gear perfect for drinking beer (or your favorite beverage of choice) outdoors

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Want to know what I love more than the outdoors? Drinking beer in the outdoors. In my beer-loving opinion, there’s truly nothing more satisfying than cracking a cold brew next to the campfire in the middle of the woods.

Every time my wife and I visit a new town for an outdoor adventure, we love stopping by a local brewery to pick up a new-to-me six-pack of beer to enjoy after setting up camp. Throughout our many outdoor travels, which always include cold beverages, we’ve turned into quite the beer gear connoisseurs.

I’ve rounded up products built for drinking in the outdoors to help you enjoy your favorite backcountry beverage or campfire cocktail. Check out these beer gear favorites the next time you crack a cold one at the top of the summit, around the campfire, or on a chill day in nature.

Kromer Can Wrap by Stormy Kromer – $8.99

You might’ve caught my recent story on my love of Midwest adventure. Well, I also love Midwest products, which is why I am recommending the Kromer Can Wrap. I’m pretty sure no one is a fan of a sweaty beer can or freezing their fingers off with an ice-cold brew. The Kromer Can Wrap keeps your beer cool and your hands warm and wet-free, in style.

"What's a Stormy Kromer?" you might be asking. Well, check out the front of the can wrap for an explanation of what the brand stands for. The wool-nylon blend wrap is super cozy for your hand, especially come fall and winter. We’re very much used to crisp beer drinking here in the Midwest but you’ll love this can wrap no matter where you live, I promise.

Collapsible Pint by HYDAWAY – $17.95

Sometimes drinking beer out of a can is boring. Or, if you’re like me, you think drinking beer out of a glass makes it that much more enjoyable. HYDAWAY’s Collapsible Pint holds 16 ounces – or a “tall boy” size beer – of your favorite beverage. You also don’t have to worry about breaking any glass in the wilderness with this silicon mug.

The collapsible design makes it super easy to pack the pint, no matter if you’re hiking deep into the backcountry or car camping at a local or national park. You can easily bring this cup on the go, without sacrificing a ton of space when traveling across the country to your next outdoor destination of choice.

Wisconsin's famous New Glarus Spotted Cow beer
Photo by Erica Zazo

Traveler Drink Holster by Nite Ize – $19.99

I’m recently obsessed (I mean it when I say obsessed) with fishing. I love the thrill of catching a fish and, especially, enjoying a beer or two while doing so. That said, on a recent kayaking fishing trip on the White River in Arkansas, I found it super hard to hold my beer while trying to cast my line when I was in the boat and hanging out on the riverbanks.

The Traveler Drink Holster solves that exact problem. The clip-on beer holder attaches to your hip, chair, or kayak, etc. to hold the drink while you’re busy enjoying the outdoors. Not only is it great for fishing, but also keeps your beer out of the way while in close proximity while you’re setting up your tent, collecting firewood, roasting s’more, or doing any other camping activity that requires both hands.

Hop Splash by Sierra Nevada – $20

The outdoors can be a dangerous place. So, in many cases, it’s not the safest (or smartest) to be under the influence while adventuring. Thankfully, for folks who don’t drink, or want to pass on alcohol on an adventure, you don’t have to sacrifice having a refreshing hopped drink while hiking, climbing, paddling, or playing (safely!) with fire.

Sierra Nevada’s brand new 0.0% alcohol Hop Splash is perfect for those adventure-packed days when you want to avoid beer slowing you down. The sparkling, hop-infused drink is packed with hop flavor and none of the typical “bad” stuff – no alcohol, no calories, no carbs, and no sugar. It tastes as flavorful as a solid IPA but without the added buzz. You’ll find the Citra and Amarillo varieties of hops give Hop Splash a more tropical-forward flavor with hints of mango, peach, grapefruit, and a bunch of carbonation. Bonus: Sierra Nevada sells Hop Splash online for delivery in 48 states.

Erica sipping a cold beer in the cold up at Keweenaw Brewing Co in Houghton, Michigan
Photo by Erica Zazo

Shorty 16oz by ORCA – $30

If collapsible mugs aren’t your thing, you might try ORCA’s Shorty 16oz thermos. This stainless-steel cup will keep your drink cold for many, many hours. Or, it’s perfect for hot toddy’s around the campfire if you’re more into whiskey-based (or bourbon!) drinks. Plus, I’m a big fan of whales; they’re my favorite animal. The Shorty features a super cute whale tale drink lid stop, which is a very cute touch.

Adventure Happy Hour Cocktail Shaker Set by Stanley – $40

Consuming adult beverages around a fire is not limited to beer. If you’re more of a mid-hike martini person or campfire cocktail connoisseur, check out Stanley’s outdoor and camp-friendly drink mixer – the Adventure Happy Hour Cocktail Shaker Set. It works just like a normal household shaker but is made with an extra durable stainless steel outer shell, and packs down and seals together for easy transport.

The shaker set comes with a removable juicer that allows you to strain any citrus juice right into the jigger cap. You also get a set of two double-wall insulated rocks glasses with this kit. They fit perfectly inside the shaker when reassembled and keep your drink cold for much longer than a silicon or plastic cup, which I’m a big fan of.

32-QT Ultra-Light Cooler by RTIC – $159.99

With so many coolers on the market, it’s hard to choose one. When it comes to beer-friendly coolers, there’s no better choice than RTIC’s 32-QT Ultra-Light Cooler. It’s a much more portable version of their best-selling cooler – 30% lighter than comparable coolers of its size, to be exact. The 2.5-inch foam insulation and freezer-style gasket seals keep the ice in this bad boy frozen for much longer than other coolers I’ve used.

I also hate when my food gets soggy after falling into the ice. This cooler comes with rust-free stainless steel dividers to keep your food out of melted ice and more organized and accessible. A built-in bottle opener on the cooler’s corner makes it easy to pop open a cold one without needing to dig for that opener you’re certain you brought (but probably forgot).

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