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Oklahoma Little Niagara Falls Parking Lot

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Stunning views with many gorgeous waterfalls. Also great hiking trails with plenty of wild life. 

The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is located in Sulphur, Oklahoma which is located about 10 miles to the east of I-40. It is pretty easy to get to once you exit off of I-40 just head east there a plenty of signs that will lead you to the park entrance .

You will find plenty of places to photograph here. The best times to go are in the Spring when everything is getting green and the temperatures are not to hot,and the park isn't has crowded. During the fall is also another great time to go, especially when the leaves are turning. 

One of the most photographed areas is Little Niagara Falls, a stunning little waterfall which Travertine Creek feeds into Little Niagara. Little Niagara dumps into the swim area and right past that is another smaller waterfall. During the summer months it is full of people swimming so unless you go in the early mooring our late afternoon you will deal with the crowds. When you get into the park take the first left the road will around for about 5 miles. You will come to a parking lot, this parking lot is were you can park and will give you accesses to the falls. If you go to the end of the parking lot you will find a trail that will give you accesses to the other side of the falls. You will also have better accesses to the smaller waterfall here. 

The Chickasaw National Recreation Area also offers 7 trails to choose for all varying in difficulty. Most of the trails are easy and perfect for beginners. They have two harder trails to choose from for those of you who like a challenge. You will see many types of wildlife while on the trails, you will also see plenty of flowers. The best time to view the wild flowers is in October. One of my favorite trails is the Buffalo Springs trial about half a mile in. Buffalo Springs a perfect place to take a break and relax. Several of the trails have winding creeks and waterfalls. The trail starts behind the nature center. When you enter the park take the first left the road will wind around an lead you straight to the nature center. If you choose you can turn around and head back the way you came or you can continue on. The trail gets a little hilly once you get past this point and there are some trees you will need to step over due to recent storms. There are also other trials that branch off this one that you can take. All of these trails offer streams and small waterfalls.

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7 months ago

Quiet, Easy Hiking Trails

Took my parents here for a nice day trip. We visited in November so we didn’t brave the cold water but some people were swimming. Instead, we hiked around the area to Antelope Springs and Buffalo Springs. All the trails were flat and fairly wide, so if you’re looking for an easy outdoor walk this is your place. Bonus, it’s completely free to enter the Chickasaw National Recreation Area!

7 months ago

about 1 year ago

Chickasaw Recreation Area

A nice little day trip. I didn't spend much time at the falls because it was really busy even at 9am. I also walked back to buffalo springs, which was really relaxing since I was the only one there. The highlight of the day was veterans lake since it wasn't busy at all and had a nice 3 mile loop around the entire lake.

about 1 year ago



Skill Level:



Year Round

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2 Miles

Elev. Gain:

100 Feet



Easy Parking
Family Friendly

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