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4-5 hours of sunrise/sunset Arctic light in winter. Dramatic landscape. Fewer tourists during the winter.

The Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway are a magical location for any photographer. The jaw-dropping fjords, snow capped mountains, and quaint villages create a fairy tale like atmosphere. Because of the far north location, this incredible backdrop is draped in a soft, arctic glow for 4-5 hours during the winter, which grants photographers ideal conditions for shooting.

A chain of arctic islands may not be your first thought when planning a road trip (especially in the winter), but cruising the E-10 Highway from the Harstad/Narvik airport to the end of the road at the town of Å is a great way to shoot as much of the Lofoten Islands as possible under the time constraint of a visit. And although the winters here can be inhospitable, there will be far fewer crowds and the Norwegian government does a fine job of keeping the roads safe and clear of snow.

The drive from the airport to the end of the E-10 in Å is about 4 hours without bad weather and will be worth every minute as soon as you arrive in the small fishing village of Reine (just a few miles from Å). Nestled in a small bay, surrounded by huge mountains, this little town of about 300 is about as picturesque as it gets. On your way into town, stop by Anitas Sjomat for some casual but delicious local sea food and stock up on some groceries for your stay. There are also cosy cabin rental options just next door.

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about 1 month ago

Definitely worth a winter visit

Lofoten in summer is on everyone's bucket list but winter is definitely an amazing time to visit too. We visited last December and were blown away by how incredible the scenery was, even when the sun never rose above the horizon.

Lofoten is definitely on my must have been list! We are here in the moment on a summer trip with our VW Bus. Amazing mountains to climb and hike. We have been also here in February this year, chasing Northern Lights and taking a lot of pictures of the arctic surrounding. The winter is showing the islands in a special light and you can be sure you have the Lofoten Islands almost for your own! We rented this winter a Mini Camper which gave us great flexibility while chasing the Aurora Borealis. The campers have strong heaters and the temperatures on Lofoten are quite mild, due the warm air of the Gulf stream. Check out Reine and Å but also the east of the islands are great, especially when you are into winter sports. We will come here again in winter time! Lofoten is like the Swiss alps, but just right in the wild Atlantic!

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