Nora B

Despite the Trail Name It's Pretty Cool

The name of this trail is absolutely horrid but despite that, we had a blast. I do not recommend this trail for kids, elderly, or anyone who has poor balance (also I hate to say this but if you're overweight you will not want to take this trail- really tight spaces towards the bottom). Go barefoot, it sounds crazy but it's easier. If not taken slowly or cautiously... this trail could be incredibly dangerous. The views are beautiful, the geographical formations are incredibly unique and unexpected, and it's a fun adventurous way to get down to blacks beach. Keep in mind, there are two other paved and safe ways to get to the beach if you want, this definitely isn't the only way down.

over 3 years ago

An easy Afternoon Hike

I was surprised at this loop! The views from the top are amazing and the hike itself isn't very challenging because the whole thing is switchbacks (zig zag up the mountain)! The peak might not be for those who are afraid of heights.. it's very safe and would be hard to slip unless you were trying or if you weren't making the best decisions and jumping on rocks. But all in all it's worth it! You can also take a back trail (which we did) so you don't go down the same way you came up. Probably added only an extra hour to our trip.