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  • New Zealand

    One of our favorite places on the planet, New Zealand's beaches, mountains, fjords and plains will leave you speechless any time of year. The Southern Alps are home to some incredible hiking and trekking (or tramping, as the locals say). On the north island, find world class surf in Raglan, volcanic trekking on Tongariro, and emerald water in Coromandel.

    Top Spots in and near New Zealand

    • Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

      Climb Mt. Ollivier

      7 mi / 3436 ft gain
      Start on the track from the White Horse Hill campground. Follow the track up almost 2,000 steps until you reach Sealy Tarns. From here the track continues steeply up the mountain until you reach the ridge. Continue over the ridge until reaching the hut. From here continue up the ridge to the summ...
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    • Ward, New Zealand

      Hike through Sawcut Gorge

      2.5 mi / 328.1 ft gain
      Driving on Hwy 1, just south of a little town called Ward, roughly 48km south of Blenheim, there is the turn off onto Ure road. This is the only turn you have to make in order to find the entrance to Sawcut Gorge. Follow this gravel road through private land and farm land to reach the car park 12...
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    • Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

      Backpack the Dusky Track

      52.2 mi / 4265.1 ft gain
      The Dusky Track is a tough and extraordinarily beautiful multi-day hike in central Fiordland. The trail is a one-way hike, with both the northern and southern terminal usually being accessed by boat.  The southern terminal is situated on the northern shore of the large and deep Lake Hauroko. The ...
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    • Westland National Park, New Zealand

      Watch the Sunset from the Waiho River Bridge

      The Waiho River is a glacial fed river from the spectacular Franz Josef Glacier. The main road to get there is Highway 6, which becomes a long single-lane bridge when it crosses the river. If you find yourself staying in the small town of Franz Josef over night then you should make the short walk...
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    • Fox River, New Zealand

      Hike to the Fox River Caves

      4.6 mi / 492.1 ft gain
      There are a few different options while exploring this track. The first is making your way all the way to the entrance of the caves. The second is making your way to where the trail splits, one way heading up towards the cave, and the other abruptly ends at a big river crossing. The third is to m...
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    • Ranolf Street & Lake Road, New Zealand

      Explore Kuirau Park

      Legend has it, this lake was once cooler. One day, a girl named Kuiarau was bathing and then a taniwha (dragon) dragged her below the lake. Angered, the gods boiled the lake so the taniwha would never return and to this day the lake and the steamy area around it is named after her. You won't miss...
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    • 9 Trout Pool Road, New Zealand

      Hike the Okere Falls Track

      1.5 mi
      Yeah, you heard right. If you don't want to take on the world's largest commercial whitewater rafting waterfall, Tutea Falls (7m), then you can take a nice and easy walk instead! (More info on rafting at the end for the interested adrenaline junkies.) Okere Falls is 20km north of Rotorua, to the ...
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    • Benmore, New Zealand

      Hike the Benmore Peninsula Track

      The Benmore Peninsula track is approximately a 4km loop circuit and takes around 1.5 hours to complete. It is not a particularly physically demanding hike, but beautiful nonetheless. On a good weather day, the water on Lake Benmore will appear to be bright turquoise and you will be able to see Mo...
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    • Gladstone, New Zealand

      Hike the Breast Hill Track to Pakituhi Hut

      5 mi / 1312.3 ft gain
      From the road to Pakituhi Hut the track is a steady climb rising 400 meters on a formed zig-zag track to a small saddle. You'll get increasingly better views of Lake Hawea as you climb up the switch-backs, and you might walk alongside some sheep that make the uphill slog look much easier than it ...
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    • Rotoroa, New Zealand

      Backpack and Kayak to Blue Lake

      31.1 mi / 1430.4 ft gain
      This lake has the clearest visibility fresh water found anywhere in the world with visibility between the 70-80 meter range. And the Colours are beautiful! (We just ask that you do not swim in this lake or do your dish washing in it as it is a super fragile ecosystem, oh and the duck in the pictu...
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    • Nelson Lakes National Park, New Zealand

      Winter Overnight in Lake Angelus Hut

      7.5 mi / 4000 ft gain
      This is a popular and crowded route in summer months, but in winter you could have this 28 bunk hut with a stove all to yourself!Begin by climbing switchbacks to the summit of Mt Roberts and then following the crest of Robert Ridge. The route is exposed in a few places and an un-checked fall on s...
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    • Ashburton Lakes, New Zealand

      Hike to the Summit of Mt Sunday

      2.2 mi / 328.1 ft gain
      From the car park follow an old road track / stream bed until it narrows into a scenic walking track. Cross the swing bridge and ascend the south side of the mountain to its picturesque summit. Alpine views abound in all directions. It's easy to see why it was selected as a LOTR set location.This...
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    • Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

      Hike to Harwood Hole

      1.9 mi
      Getting to this hike is a bit of a drive. It is 11km off of HWY 60, just north of Motueka. The road is unsealed, and quite narrow at points. If there is another car coming the other direction, be prepared for a tight squeeze. The road climbs up Tanaka Hill, and the descends down towards Canaan Ca...
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    • Milford Sound, New Zealand

      Overnight Cruise the Milford Sound

      If you are ever visiting New Zealand's south island, I cannot implore you more to consider doing the overnight cruise of the Milford Sound via Real Journeys. For roughly $300, you board, in Queenstown, a custom designed Real Journeys tour bus that has seats slightly angled towards the windows as ...
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    • Moturiki Island, New Zealand

      Explore Moturiki Island (Leisure Island)

      0.6 mi / 29.5 ft gain
      Mount Maunganui keeps proving that it is an incredibly family-friendly destination with its extremely well maintained path up Mount Maunganui, a massive and easy to access beach with great waves for beginners, all the food you can crave, and a little escape island. Right off the main beach you'll...
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    • Glenorchy, New Zealand

      Backpack the Magical Earnslaw Burn

      8.7 mi / 1968.5 ft gain
      Once you identify the parking area (Right turn off Glenorchy Paradise Road just before crossing the Earnslaw Burn, park a the bend in the road.) Cross the boggy meadow in a NW direction until you see the orange trail markers on trees.The trail below bush line is long, very rugged and covered with...
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