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    Looking for the best backpacking in Otira? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Otira. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Backpacking Spots in and near Otira

    • Otira, New Zealand

      Stay at Carroll Hut

      1.6 mi / 2296.6 ft gain
      This hike begins at a hidden parking lot just North/East of Kelly's Creek, about 2km north of Otira, drive carefully through to the car park and trailhead, a gravel lot with a latrine, near the creek.   Once ready, begin the hike, to the west.  In the first 5 minutes you'll cross a small tributar...
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    • Arthur's Pass, New Zealand

      Hike the Avalanche Peak - Crow River Valley Traverse

      2.3 mi / -2624.7 ft gain
      The beginning starts with the popular day hike climb up Avalanche Peak in Arthur’s Pass, NZ. You can view that route on the Outbound here. Scott’s Track up is a bit longer but less steep and with better views so I’d recommend taking that up. Should only take around 2-3 hours, but you’ll want to s...
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    • Arthur's Pass, New Zealand

      Backpack to Lake Mavis

      16.8 mi / 3937 ft gain
      DAY 1Greyneys Shelter (SH73) – Goat Pass - 5h / 9km (5.6mi) / +400m (1300ft) The route starts here, near Greyneys Shelter on SH73, 5 km (3.1mi) south of Arthur’s Pass Village. You will need to cross Bealey River after it meets the Mingha River, but don't try to cross the river if the Bealey Rive...
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    • Arthur's Pass, New Zealand

      Hike the Temple Basin Ski Field

      4.3 mi / 3300 ft gain
      Arthur's Pass National Park is an extraordinary area of New Zealand's South Island, nearly untouched, with accessible trails into the mountain pass, which is part of New Zealand's "Southern Alps". This trail leads into the free ski camp, a basin that allows for good speed and access. The hike gai...
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    • Arthur's Pass, New Zealand

      Backpack to the Waimak Falls Hut

      13 mi / 2000 ft gain
      Begin this two night (one night option) tramping trip from the Bealey Bridge over the Waimakariri River – approximately 8 kilometers south of Arthur’s Pass. If river levels are low and you prefer cutting through the river valley itself – crossing the Waimak at need – begin at Klondyke Corner. A s...
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    • Arthur's Pass, New Zealand

      Overnight at the Barker Hut

      29.8 mi / 3018.4 ft gain
      Begin at Klondyke Corner if the Waimakariri is low or at the O'Malley's Track if the river is too high to ford safely. After walking through the Waimakariri River to the Carrington Hut and on up the White River Valley you’ll reach this tiny red hut that stands out in its precarious position as a ...
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    • Arthur's Pass, New Zealand

      Backpack to Carrington Hut

      11 mi / 350 ft gain
      With peaks rising thousands of meters on every side of you and a wide-open valley to tramp in, the hike to Carrington Hut does feel quite like you're walking in a movie set. After walking a day up the Waimakariri Valley you'll reach this 36-bunk DOC hut, which requires a DOC hut pass to stay the ...
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    • Bealey, New Zealand

      Hike Arthur's Pass' Bealey Spur

      7.5 mi / 1720 ft gain
      This moderately difficult climb affords amazing views of the Waimakariri River Valley as well as Bruce Stream. It is not an incredibly difficult hike, although in winter and early spring there will be snow and ice on the ground, making it more challenging. There are few vertical cliff faces, and ...
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    • Kokatahi, New Zealand

      Hike to the Mt. Brown Hut and Mt. Brown Summit

      5 mi / 3937 ft gain
      This trail is unique in that it is community run, solely by volunteers.  The track starts at a signposted car park just short of an hour east of Hokitika. From here the fairly short, but steep track climbs just over 1000m through native bush following a marked and well trodden trail. About half a...
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    • Castle Hill, New Zealand

      Hike Mt. Cheeseman

      9.9 mi / 4265.1 ft gain
      Follow the Hogsback Track until you reach the clearing just after the Waterfall Creek crossing. Hike through the clearing towards the toe of Mt Cheeseman's east ridge.Work your way up the ridge by linking a network of tussock slopes, ledges, scree slopes snow patches and crumbly rock. Eventually ...
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