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North Bank, New Zealand

Looking for the best photography in North Bank? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around North Bank. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Photography Spots in and near North Bank

  • North Bank, New Zealand

    Hike Mt. Fishtail

    11.2 mi / 5383.9 ft gain
    This is a brutal ascent and decent. I am not going to sugar coat this one. You do get the reward at the top, but you are working for it.Highway 6 between Blenheim and Nelson is the main road to reach this location. Just north of the Wairau river on hwy 6 is a road called Northbank road, take it! ...
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  • Maitai, New Zealand

    Hike up Botanical Hill

    1.5 mi / 482 ft gain
    The starting point of this hike is the Botanical Reserve in Nelson. Park your car on the Hardy Street East. You can get to the reserve over a footbridge from the end of Hardy street. The Trail head is at the sign (The Kauri track) near the trees, in the north-eastern corner of the Botanical Res...
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  • Picton, New Zealand

    Mountain Bike Punga Cove to Anakiwa

    27.7 mi / 1476.4 ft gain
    The easiest way to get to Punga Cove to start this ride is parking in Picton and getting a water taxi for you and your bike out to Punga Cove. From there you will be able to pick up the track and start riding. At the end of the trip, after you reach Anakiwa, there is a water taxi there that can g...
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  • Picton, New Zealand

    Hike The Snout Track

    7.5 mi / 423.2 ft gain
    This great track is located just outside of downtown Picton, offering very easy accessibility and a great place to get a little hike. Heading east out of Picton, turn left on Sussex road, and follow the steep hill up to the crest, keep driving until you come to a gate, this is the car park for Th...
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  • Waikawa, New Zealand

    Overnight Kayak the Queen Charlotte Sound

    For those who do not have their own kayaks, do not fear, there are different companies in the area that will rent kayaks and safety gear to you. They will also help you with route planning and weather conditions to ensure that you have the best trip possible. I used a company called Sea Kayak Adv...
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  • Ward, New Zealand

    Hike through Sawcut Gorge

    2.5 mi / 328.1 ft gain
    Driving on Hwy 1, just south of a little town called Ward, roughly 48km south of Blenheim, there is the turn off onto Ure road. This is the only turn you have to make in order to find the entrance to Sawcut Gorge. Follow this gravel road through private land and farm land to reach the car park 12...
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  • Tapawera, New Zealand

    Backpack to Granity Pass Hut

    10.4 mi / 4593 ft gain
    Once in Tapawera, follow the signs indicating Kahurangi National Park by way of the Wangapeka Valley. The road winds, becomes gravel, and narrows before it dead-ends at Courthouse Flat where you'll find picnic tables and restrooms. Begin the trek by following either the ridge or the Blue Creek Tr...
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  • Saint Arnaud, New Zealand

    Hike the St Arnaud Track in Nelson Lakes NP

    3.4 mi / 3668 ft gain
    Park in the Kerr Bay Car Park and take a moment to enjoy views from the iconic Kerr Bay Dock.The well signed track starts just to your left.The lower section of the walk crosses moraine terraces deposited by past glaciers while gaining very little elevation. The track cuts through a lovely beech ...
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  • Nelson Lakes National Park, New Zealand

    Hike to Whiskey Falls

    5 mi
    Whiskey Falls provides a great way to stretch the legs during a car trip. Or it provides a great day hike option if you are looking to explore the Nelson Lakes area. I had a day to explore and decided to cruise down Nelson Lakes and do a day hike.Whiskey Falls is located along the shore of Lake R...
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  • Nelson Lakes National Park, New Zealand

    Backpack to Lake Angelus Alpine Hut

    7.6 mi / 3987 ft gain
    From the Mt. Robert car park, take the Pinchgut Track up to the Bushline shelter (approx. 1 hr 30 mins). This beginning portion of the track is steep, with numerous switchbacks that will have you questioning whether you really need everything in your pack. The panoramic views of Lake Rotoiti are ...
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  • Anakoha, New Zealand

    Summit Mt. Stokes

    2.9 mi / 2044 ft gain
    The real adventure is driving to the start of this track. While driving along the Queen Charlotte Drive, the little town called Linkwater has the access road the Mahau and Keneperu Sounds via the Keneperu Road. Warning: There is no petrol along the Keneperu Road, so if you are running low, I woul...
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  • Marahau, New Zealand

    Kayak Camp Abel Tasman NP

    23 mi / 328 ft gain
    This beautiful national park can be explored by boat and/or by foot, so we decided to incorporate both before catching a jet boat back to Marahau. The entire coastal track is almost 50 km one-way without side trips, and the coastline can also be done entirely by kayak. Before arriving in Marahau,...
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  • Motueka Valley, New Zealand

    Hike Mount Arthur and the Tablelands

    Mount Arthur and the Tablelands are a unique and beautiful portion of Kahurangi National Park. The area is remote, making it perfect for astrophotography.There are many hiking options and places to stay - consult the map at the Flora Car Park shelter for options. Here is a short circuit that can ...
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