Exploring The Valley Of Fire

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Amazing rock formations, Natural arches, Vibrant colors, Great during sunrise or sunset, Must See: Fire Wave & Elephant Rock

The Valley of Fire is literally what it is.. FIRE. We went the end of summer and it was very hot! About 109 degrees. But this did not stop us from exploring this gorgeous place.

On the way from Las Vegas, we had to pass through some mountains. It was amazing how when the view opened up as we were driving towards it, we could see nothing but red land. As we approached closer and closer, the rock formation were simply fascinating. It was so incredible to think that this was created by nature itself.

It was impossible to get to see everything in one afternoon here. There's just so many spots to explore, and trails to check out. If you come here, I suggest going very early, or just reserve a campsite. (I'm sure the stars look beautiful here, at night)

One of my favorite things about this place is the Fire Wave rock formation, where the rocks looks like they were painted with orange and white stripes. It was beautiful!

I'm so glad we saw the sunset here, too! The added orange tint from the sun lit up the whole place like it was literally on fire. I will definitely visit this place again in the future.

(Oh, and be sure to drop by their visitor center!)


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