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Nathan and Brianna Milot

We live in Salt Lake City with our dog Izzy. We love to hike, backpack, and bike.

My husband and I planned on completing this loop, but unfortunately part of it is disrupted. We camped at Gold Bluffs Beach campground to have easy access to this hike. We planned on starting at a different point of the loop, near Gold Bluffs beach and Fern Canyon. However, the road leading to the trail was damaged by a rock slide. No cars could go through, but you could still walk through to a different point of the Miner's Ridge trail. We ended up going up through here and then going over to Fern Canyon, which is now fairly abandoned due to the rock slide. The bathrooms are no longer maintained, and some of the bridges have been washed away. We had to walk through water above our ankles just to get over to what used to be the parking lot. We then hiked along the beach to get back to our campsite. In order to complete this loop, you would have to walk along the beach instead of the gravel pathway and then cut back after the rock slide. Despite being a little crazy trying to find a path around the rock slide, overall it was a beautiful hike. There was hardly anyone on the trail when we went in late May. The Redwoods were stunning and everything was green and peaceful. The trail was pretty easy, with minimal elevation gain. There were a few spots where trees had fallen and you either had to climb over them or find a way around them, which made it a little tricky.

I went late February, with snow being melted for a few weeks now. The trail was very muddy and at some points a little hard to walk through. I'd definitely recommend this hike for the late spring, summer, and fall. Other than that the hike was pretty step, but not too bad. There were lots of dogs and the view was great. The "living room" space was a little smaller than I expected.

I hiked up to Willow Lake twice this year. Once in the summer and then again in the fall. Both were wonderful experiences, and neither day was crowded. The lake was more full in the summer, but the bright yellow aspen leaves in the fall were stunning. It is a little tricky to find off the road, but using the GPS coordinates worked out perfectly.

Pretty steep hike, but it's definitely doable because of the short length. The lake was gorgeous and the summer wildflowers were all over the trail!