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Spitzkoppe, also known as the ‘Matterhorn of Namibia,’ is an extremely unique granite rock formation that is paradise for any climber, boulderer and camping enthusiast wanting to experience solitude and amazing star gazing!

Spitzkoppe is located just three hours from the capital of Namibia – Windhoek – and provides the perfect adventure for any person. Reachable on tar roads (a rarity for Namibia), Spitzkoppe is an iconic granite destination that gives its visitors lots of adventures from technical climbing, to mountain hiking and photography, basically anything that can suit all types of visitors!

The tallest part of the park, Spitzkoppe, can be climbed, although climbing experience is highly recommended, especially as you get higher on the granite boulders and peak. But there is a fun and adventurous trail from the back western side that you can ascend to reach the halfway mark that gives amazing view points of the park.

You can also take a guided tour (ask at check in) and view some of the oldest cave art in the world left by the nomadic people as well as take a guided driving tour of the game reserve featuring several springbok and zebras.

While you are in the park be sure to take in the sunrise and sunset at the rock bridge (arch). If you’re looking for the best picture, sunrise is best (and also much less crowded)! There are also numerous campsites spanning the park, but campsites 3 and 4 offer amazing views of Spitzkoppe, especially illuminated in the morning “golden hour.” 

Pack List

  • Standard camping gear
  • Camera
  • Day pack with plenty of water and hiking snacks for any of your day treks
  • Sundowner drinks if you want to indulge on sunrise watching (the bar is not the best stocked)
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How to Get There

4 months ago


I have to say my favourite part about this was actually the semi precious stone market on the road towards spitzkoppe. There's a lot of young children there with their moms and all they want to do is play. They don't speak English, but a soccer ball and candy is a universal language. They are so full of life and happiness.

4 months ago

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Living the adventure that is life! Always up for an adventure, a camping trip, or a run!


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