Mitchell Phun

  • Capture Sweeping City Views From Bernal Heights Hill

    Bernal Heights Parks is an excellent week night adventure for those who need an escape from the city. Sit atop this small, grassy peak in peace and look out over the San Francisco skyline.Park on the street bordering the park and follow a pathway ...

    1 miles 130 ft gain

  • Explore the Royal Botanic Gardens

    A fairly easy drive from London, a couple of minutes, parking is accessible and cheap. The entrance of the gardens cost about 15 Pound. But its worth it, trust me. The gardens feature so many things, from tropical to semi-arid, to the many flowers...

  • Docklands

    Beautiful dock which sits on Dexter Lake with the mountain backdrop in Southern Oregon.

  • Big Lake

    To reach Big Lake Youth Camp turn south off of Highway 20 at the Big Lake/Hoodoo Ski Bowl sign and follow the road signs to the camp located on the eastern shore of Big Lake, about 4 miles from Highway 20.

  • The Tulip Festival

    There's not much that you have to do to access this beautiful spot in Oregon, you go to the parking lot, pay $5 per person in your car and then you have unlimited access to hundreds of tulips that are in so many varieties of colors you wouldn't kn...

  • Framed by Nature

    The best view is along the way up to the top of the hill, it has the most scenic and up close and personal view of the boats, the buildings that scale the mountain and the wild flowers on the way are just outstanding.

  • Rowena Crest

    An easy find, there is a parking lot at the top of the Mayer State Park you park for free and are able to roam the area, there is a short hike 0.8 miles round trip around the park where you are able to see the views of the gorge and to admire the ...

  • Visit the Durdle Door

    Easy to get to, this beautiful view of the famous "Durdle Door" is definitely worth the drive. The parking is easy, with a $5 fee for the whole day, and it's a short hike down to the shore.

  • City by the Sea

    A city where you can do almost anything, its situated on the Mediterranean sea so in the summer its got a great atmosphere, lots to do there. To get there its easiest by boat, but it is no trouble by car, it would just be a little difficult to get...

  • The Jurassic Coast

    Coming from London, this beautiful drive will take you through the countryside to an easily accessible carpark. There is a small fee for the day (roughly $5), and you can then walk on the easily marked path for a couple of meters to see this incre...