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Luggage for the Long Haul: High Sierra OTC Line Review

Well thought-out luggage system that's burly enough for any adventure.

By: Mitch Pittman + Save to a List

You can pack light for a beach trip, maybe even a business trip, but there’s no way around hauling a lot of gear when flying somewhere to ski. As I stared at my pile of jackets and boots and gloves on the floor, I didn’t think there was a chance of it all fitting. But with their OTC Line, High Sierra has somehow warped the fabric of space and time to allow ALL of my ski gear to fit into a bag – with room to spare. I had to triple-check because I thought I was missing stuff. 

These bags have become my go-to for traveling, whether on an airplane or just throwing in the car with me. The small duffel unassuming at first glance, but the key for me lies when you open in. I love how the top opens length-wise, it makes such it so much easier to access what’s inside! With most duffels I’m digging around, but now everything is laid out before me. I also feel it’s the perfect size – I’m on a flight as I’m writing this and I have my camera, extra lenses, drone, laptop, charger, and a set of clothes in it. It’s also durable, has side pockets that are actually usable because they stick out from the main compartment, and it has backpack straps that make it easy to haul around. 

As a photographer, I often carry around lots of expensive gear, so the hard shell on the backpack gives me peace of mind when I’m making my way through an airport or loading it up in my car. There’s a spot for my laptop, then somehow it just keeps growing as I add more to the main compartment, though it’s also easy to cinch down when you don’t need the space. The zipper opens all the way around the top and sides to the base and is really easy to get into, and the straps have extra padding so however many heavy lenses I throw in there, it’s a very comfortable carry. There's also a secret pocket in the backpack perfect for keeping your passport or extra cash safe while you travel!

Check out their full OTC product line here!

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