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Marmot 4-season Thor 3p Tent Review

Marmot recently gave me the opportunity to test out their 4-season tent during my latest travel to the notoriously windy and rainy region of Patagonia to see how it held up.

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When it comes to Patagonia, you're guaranteed to experience two things; beautiful mountain scenery and a taste of harsh unapologetic weather. Since my plans were to camp the majority of my month down there this past November, I knew I needed to try a tent that was going to make those bad weather days a bit more comfortable. Luckily for me, the Marmot Thor 3p Tent provided me with that security I was seeking.

Weighing in at just over 10 lbs, this tent is definitely made for specific extreme adventures in cold weather and is not something you will want to casually throw in your summer backcountry bag. That being said, this tank of a tent will be your perfect little sanctuary once you've decided to head out on your cold weather adventure. 

At first I was skeptical of the time it would take me to set up and break down this big guy, but I soon discovered the mechanics were astonishingly simple and took only 5 minutes of my time. It has an easy slide 5-pole system that can also attach simply to a matching footprint tarp beneath it, then the seam taped coverage fly takes just a minute to throw over and buckle clip into the canopy. 

Patagonia definitely lived up to it's tales of wind and rain, and I got to test the Thor out in all kinds of bad weather. I had a couple nights where the winds easily reached over 50mph and the Thor barely moved, deflecting the wind and making my sleep significantly warmer than any 3-season tent. I had a few nights of rain, including the worst rain storm I've ever camped out in, and not a single drop entered the tent. It's also so roomy inside that other campers from my group took refuge from the weather in the Thor, and at times there would be 5 of us in it sitting upright enjoying a cozy game of cards.

If you're looking to spend a night out in the extreme, I can't recommend this tent enough.

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