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The Best Hiking in Toluca

Looking for the best hiking in Toluca? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Toluca. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top hiking spots in and near Toluca

  • Toluca, Mexico

    Hike the Nevado de Toluca Cirque

    6 mi / 1900 ft gain
    Entering the Nevada de Toluca National Park, follow the windy road toward the crater rim. There will be a small parking lot on your left which offers a state-run hut for acclimating, although if you've spent time in Mexico City you should have no problem completing this hike in 1 day.The hike beg...
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  • Ciudad de México, Mexico

    Explore Ex Convento de Los Leones

    There are plenty of hiking (and mtn biking) paths that you can take around the convent, but on this adventure we really only saw the Ex Convent itself. The park is good for an entire day trip or weekend trip though (there's camping too). Getting there: Car is the easiest way (if you have a rental...
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  • Parque Nacional Cumbres Sierra Nevada, Mexico

    Hiking to Cumbre de las Nubes/La Bufa

    This hike starts at Presa "El Llano" (El Llano Dam), to get to "El Llano" Dam, you'll have to take a bus from El Rosario metro station (subway station), or get there by car. Once you're there you can ask for directions to get to La Bufa. The National Park has very few signs and directions, so you...
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  • Ciudad de México, Mexico

    Hiking to Chichinautzin Volcano

    This hike is really easy to reach from Mexico City. The departure point is a really small roadside town. From there, you can start many different hikes, but one of my favorites is the one that goes to the top of Chichinautzin. You can get to this town only by the freeway Mexico-Cuernavaca. Once ...
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