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Solitude at the end of the road in the heart of Baja California Sur.

Baja is one glorious gorgeous empty beach after another and some of the more geophysically remarkable can be experienced if you have a 4WD vehicle (though the best they say are only accessible by kayak).

The Agua Verde isthmus is right next to the tiny fishing village of Puerto Agua Verde but is not accessible from the main beach. To get there you need to take the main road back to Loreto about a quarter mile to the top of the hill overlooking town named Punta San Pasquale and then take the dirt road down and around a hill. 

The last 35 yards or so of the road down to the beach is very steep and can only be done with a 4WD high-clearance vehicle.

To get to Puerto Agua Verde take Highway 1 south out of Loreto up into the mountains some 57 km and go left onto the road marked for Agua Verde. 

There are no services on the beach though there is a sometimes-open market in town and two rarely-opened restaurants. You can occasionally buy freshly-caught fish from the fisherman in town.

As always, in Baja take extra water, fuel, a spare tire, and a jack. You are at least 60 miles from the nearest gas station. 

Pack out what you pack in.

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