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Baja at its purest. An empty white-sand beach and complete solitude.

Caleta Almeja is why explorers and adventurers go to Baja. And then go back again and again. The little bay is absolutely teaming with sea life and the setting is absolutely breathtaking.

Getting there is the hardest part. It is *at least* a two day drive from the US-Mexico border and about 2 hours north of Loreto, the nearest town with an airport of any size. Available maps are inaccurate at best (which is the best!) so be prepared to do a little exploring. 

The important landmark to note is kilometer marker 49 on Highway 1 north of Loreto. The turn off (to the east) is just north of this marker. From there you follow a dirt road down into a wash that winds itself out to the ocean. In general stay right until you hit the ocean, then stay left over the hill. 

A 4WD vehicle isn't necessary but it will make a difference, especially if you get stuck and aren't competent at airing-down or are in a group that does not have tow-straps. After a rain (or a hurricane) the "road" can disappear completely and then you should *only* attempt if you are in a high-clearance 4wd vehicle.  

There are absolutely no services at Caleta Almeja and you are at least an hour and a half from the nearest gas station, so plan accordingly. Summer in Baja is excruciatingly hot so it is recommended you only visit here in cooler months.

Always practice the principles of leave no trace and be sure to pack out what you pack in.

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