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Mary C Graham

I love kayaking here because of the convenience. We usually go to Warriors path state park to launch. One of my only complaint is that the water is pretty dirty.

Great for kids. The trail is great and not too hard. It winds around the lake. I have gone with my young nephews many times and they loved it.

This is one of my favorite hikes in this area. It is about a mile and a half to the first bald that has amazing views. That part of the hike is not hard at all and you could easily stop there and be satisfied. The trail continues past that though to several more balds that present even more beautiful views. There are a few steep portions on the hike, but overall it is not a very difficult hike. Worth every time I’ve been there.

I love this hike! It’s not very long, about a mile and a half, and the top has a beautiful view of the mountains. The hike winds in and out of a forest of pine and grassy hills. At the top, it is very open. There are a few patches of trees that are great for hammocking, or grabbing some shade. I have tried camping there twice, and while enjoyable, we ended up soaked in hammocks. It is best with a good tent or something to protect from the fog.

Thai hike is a bit longer and has a few difficult spots along the trail. The rocks at the top make it easier to spot where you are going from the bottom, but it typically takes longer than I expect. There are a few steep and rocky spots to climb. The views from the top are always great and there are never too many people on this bald. The flat rocks make it a good spot to stop and grab a breath and a snack!

The hike is not very hard and the views at the top are beautiful! There are large boulders at the top where hikers can sit and enjoy the views or take cool pictures from.

The waterfall was not very impressive. Could be fun to go in the summer to get in the water, but there is not much sunshine due to the trees.

This hike was not too hard, my 10 year old sister hiked the trail easily. The views at the top are beautiful. The rocks are fun to climb over, and find good picture spots on.

This is a very fun destination. The hike can be as long or short as you prefer. There is no guarantee of seeing horses, but I went in the fall and saw several along the trail!

This hike is great! It is a bit long, but there are a few trailheads that you can start from. The top is amazing. There is a fire tower at the top of the hike. The stairs are removed from the first few levels. After you pass the fire tower, there is small trail leading to the rocks. There is a maze of boulders that you can walk through and explore. You can also enjoy the view from the top of the rocks. There is a small fence to stop hikers from climbing out on the rocks, but you can still enjoy the view. Be careful when exploring the maze, if you follow the rocks at the edge of the woods, you can easily loose the maze. Overall, this hike is awesome!

This hike was a bit harder and longer than I expected. You can continue hiking from the top if wanted. During the hike, you reach the top of a hill that seems like it might be the top, but you continue down and back up another hill to reach the views. The views at the top are beautiful.

This is a gem for local scuba divers! I dove here a few times in the process of getting a diving license and I loved it. There are a variety of aquatic animals and many sunken treasures. At the bottom of the hill, there is a bus with a heater in it to warm up after dives as well.

The waterfall is beautiful, and the trail is as well in all seasons. You have to know what you are looking for when you are going. The trail head is right off the road with just a small area (I designated) for parking. The first part of the trail is not too bad. It is fairly flat, but unmarked. You cross a creek a few times along the trail. Eventually you will reach a small waterfall. Once you pass it, you should reach the top of the big waterfall. This is where the trail becomes more difficult. You have to climb down the trail beside the waterfall. You remain on the trail, but it becomes pretty steep. From the bottom, you can swim, enjoy the view, or continue hiking. The trail continues, and there are a few more small waterfalls and swimming holes. The trail is beautiful but can be dangerous, especially in the winter when everything is covered in ice. I would go again, but would recommend that you read the trail directions before you begin the hike.

This was a fun, easy hike! I went in the spring, so there were lots of wild flowers. If it’s warm enough, there are spots to jump in the creek as well. There are small waterfalls along the creek as well!

I grew up biking the Greenbelt! It’s a great place for families to bike! There are some hills, but all are manageable. The trail is about 9 miles long with lots of trail heads, so you can start/stop wherever you want. It is all beautiful especially in the spring!

I really enjoy this hike! It’s not too difficult and a good length. The fire tower is fun to climb and get good views from. It is also fun to hammock from the bottom of the tower! Because it is so close to the city, you do get highway sounds and one angle from the fire tower overlooks Kingsport. Over all I would recommend this hike though! It’s a great afternoon activity.