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Outbound Reviewed: Metolius Sessions II Crash Pad

By: Luke Webster + Save to a List

When thinking about buying a crash pad, the expectations are pretty simple. You look for something durable, portable and soft enough to stop you breaking your ankles when you fall from a high ball. While the differences in crash pads may seem negligible, they can become critical when bouldering in different places around the country or world.

I recently got my hands on the Metolius Sessions II Crash Pad. I was stoked to have a compact portable crash pad to use on bouldering trips. After taking her for a quick but intense spin in Bishop and Joshua Tree, here are my thoughts:


This is the Metolius Sessions II best selling point; it's affordable. You just can’t beat the price point of the Session II. At only $149 MSRP it's the best bang for buck crash pad on the market.


It's still hard to know how long it will last since I have only owned the Metolius Session II crash pad for a couple of months, but after taking quite a beating in Yosemite, Bishop and Joshua Tree, the durable materials and straps still look practically new


The Metolius Sessions II is one of the best if not the best crash pad for weekend city climbers. The pad is small enough and compact enough to fit into a small trunk or into a passenger seat of a car. Additionally, the crash pad is able to be transform from backpack to crash pad and back in a few seconds due to handy velcro straps and a simple buckle that enables easy boulder-to-boulder transportation.

FOAM - 6/10

The Sessions II is one of the softer pads on the market. For short problems and cave problems this makes the crash pad ideal yet for high balls, it can pose a dangerous disadvantage. Depending on your type of bouldering the foam of the Sessions II could either be perfect or way too soft.


Like most crash pads, you can practically store your entire life in a folded crash pad: shoes, chalk, crag six-pack, bouldering pup and all. However, in addition to the normal gear storage, there aren’t too many additional storage options. Sadly the Metolius Sessions II got rid of the nifty zipper pocket that was on the earlier Sessions I crash pad.

Buying the Metolius Session II crash pad, you are not getting any fancy bells or whistles, but you are getting a solid starter crash pad. If you are looking for a practical, well built and affordable crash pad, this is the pad for you.

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