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Mammut Magic Boulder Chalk Bag Review

They don't call it "magic" for nothing.

By: Luke Webster + Save to a List

The Mammut Magic Boulder Chalk Bag has an ace up its sleeve that allows it to stand out compared to other chalk “buckets” on the market—it can be compacted to transform into a small portable bag. Now that you know why this chalk bag is “magic,” keep reading to get my full review on how the Mammut Magic Chalk Bag performs in action.

Size - 10/10

This chalk bucket is built for climbers with giant hands. Using the handy drawstring on the side of the bucket, it quickly transforms from a portable pouch to a large deep chalking dream. 

Closure & Cleanliness - 7/10

Once compacted to travel, the chalk bucket uses a clean practical zipper to ensure chalk doesn’t escape, making it a clean travel bucket. One of my biggest complaints is the drawstring skirt on the inside of the bucket, when in bucket mode the internal drawstring skirt can collect chalk and cause a bit of a mess.

Accessories - 10/10

Nothing wild here, but a handy chalk-brush carrier and the bag’s epic ‘magic’ drawstring bucket system give it a 10 out of 10.

Stability - 10/10

As mentioned previously, the Magic Chalk Bag’s ability to transform from a portable sleeve to a stationary bucket is my favorite feature of the chalk bag. In addition to this, the bucket in stationary form has a wide base and stable set-up. Due to the built in drawstrings, the Mammut Magic Boulder Chalk Bag can withstand even the clumsiest of gym climbers.


Overall this is a rad chalk bag with a pretty innovative and practical drawstring system, allowing it to be portable and stationary without impacting quality. 

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